Can pregnant fried : prohibited products

Somehow, when a woman learns of her pregnancy, she immediately tries to completely overhaul your eating habits and to exclude from it as much as food, to which she was accustomed.Lovely woman.Remember, please, behave like animals.And if you will torment the question of whether pregnant women to eat fried or guy, think about, do a cat waiting for kittens immediately switched from meat on a useful weed?Let's think about whether pregnant fried?

list of prohibited during pregnancy products

Not so long ago, as soon as the future mom to get registered for pregnancy in female consultation, together with all other recommendations it issued a list of products that are pregnant in any case is not recommended to use infood.I must say that several doctors have revised his views and now have become much more merciful to treat expectant mothers, up to the limit by reducing this list.However, still among pregnant there are persistent rumors about what can and what can not be used during pregnancy.

Many products fall into the list of banned without any reason, just to be safe.In fact, under the absolute prohibition can only get canned because of the content of preservatives, chocolate, fizzy drinks, alcohol, smoked sausages and, oddly enough, the cow's milk.However, if you look, in the last ban is nothing particularly strange and not.The fact that the whole cows milk contains a large amount of foreign protein that can cause allergies.

However, in this case it is a question of whole milk.This does not mean that you should completely eliminate it from the diet.Firstly, you can prepare porridge on milk, dilute it with water.Secondly, the milk may be diluted to drink coffee or tea boiled milk.But, moreover, the prohibition of whole cow's milk does not cover dairy products, they can be used without limitation, replenishing thereby the lack of calcium in the organism.

Can pregnant fried

and donation, and stewed and smoked salt and even pregnant is possible and even necessary.In general, during pregnancy, as well as at any other time, we should proceed in its power solely from its being.If you want fried potatoes today, then you may well pampered her, but within reason, of course.

ban on fried foods was due to the fact that they are heavy food.A in pregnancy, especially during the second half period, as is known, there are certain problems with digestion.This is because the uterus begins to push their weight on nearby organs, in particular - the stomach and intestines.That pregnant women suffer from heartburn or indigestion, constipation or increased gas production.

If you have nothing, you can calmly enjoy your favorite dishes, observing moderation and accuracy.To what overfill the stomach of even the most low-calorie food.

Speaking of calories

This - another reason why doctors may advise pregnant women to avoid eat fried.As you know, fried foods contain a lot more calories and therefore is difficult to resist and do not exceed their daily rate, which is for pregnant women is about 3000 kcal per day.Excess much weight during pregnancy can lead to complications of its course, increasing the pressure, the development of diabetes and varicose veins, and the emergence of late toxicosis pregnant.And, besides, you will be quite hard to return to the form that you have before delivery.