Can pregnant women do permanent makeup eyebrow and in any case

When tattooing eyebrows organic dye is injected into the upper layers of the epidermis, to a depth of 0.8 cm. This allows you to make permanent makeup eyebrow correction lines to make them more beautiful and visually dense and camouflage scars and burns, if you have one.In general, permanent makeup eyebrows perfectly safe, but when it comes to pregnant women always want to learn more details.For pregnant women, more than anyone else are suspicious of any procedure.Can pregnant women do eyebrow tattooing?Let us now let's talk about contraindications.

Contraindications to perform

First of all, any woman wishing to perform tattooing eyebrows, it would be nice to see a doctor and find out if she had the body of the herpes virus, if such a virus is found, or you know that ityou have, then it is advisable to perform the procedure to take a course of antiviral treatment.The fact that there were occasions when it was tattooing eyebrows leads to activation of the herpes virus.

In addition, all women, not ju

st pregnant women are not recommended to do permanent makeup eyebrow if they have a physical illness, cancer tumors or neoplasms, etiology is unknown.You can not make permanent makeup in the presence of severe forms of inflammatory diseases, epilepsy, or in the case of a mental disorder.

is undesirable to carry out the procedure in the case, if you have problems with blood clotting.

Besides absolute contraindications to perform tattooing eyebrows, there are also relative.First of all, it is high blood pressure, which, unfortunately, is not uncommon in pregnant women.It is undesirable to make the procedure as if you tend to manifest allergic reactions.

Can pregnant do permanent makeup eyebrow

period of pregnancy and breastfeeding are also considered relative contraindications to perform tattooing eyebrows.Therefore, if the master in the cabin really has the experience and values ​​its reputation, it will certainly try to dissuade future moms from this procedure, wait until the better time.

And not because the tattoo eyebrows something harmful to the body.Just due to hormonal changes that occur in pregnant women, it is difficult to say exactly how to behave in a dye that is placed under the skin.The fact is that in this case its effect is simply unpredictable, and no one can give you a guarantee that you will get exactly the result that want or that tattoo will be persistent.For example, there were cases when the pigment lost its coloring properties long before the expected date.

Usually, at reduced sensitivity to pain in a patient prior to the tattoo she makes local anesthesia.Naturally, pregnant women should abstain from this procedure, unless absolutely necessary.The fact that the anesthetic is able to penetrate the placenta and fetus directly impacts its effect may not be the most positive.

Tattooing eyebrows completely contraindicated in the first trimester of pregnancy, as it was then laid all the organs and systems baby.Since the middle of the second trimester of pregnancy, with the permission of the attending physician, the performance of tattooing is possible, but only if you do not require anesthesia.But in the end, because you can and wait a bit, is not it?Use is usual cosmetics makeup, permanent makeup and do when it's his turn.