Can pregnant women do teeth.Some common myths

Of course, good if you plan in advance and pre-pregnancy care to your health, including the mouth, it was in perfect order.But what to do if the pregnancy was accidental, or, you have suddenly started to hurt or even broken tooth?After 9 months - this is a very rather big term, so can happen any.Is it possible for pregnant women to do the teeth and to treat them?Let's look at some very common myths associated with this issue.

1. Pregnant women can not make a picture of the tooth

If you have to deal with dental treatment in particular cleansing and filling of canals, of course, you need to do x-rays of the patient's tooth.Without this quality, and adequate treatment can not be made.This special device sends a narrow beam of X-rays directly to the desired location in the region, where there is an aching tooth.It uses only weak X-rays, practically safe for any organism.In addition, a pregnant woman wearing a special leaden blanket, which protects it from accidental tummy rays.So you can rest assured:

no micro-roentgen will not get to your unborn baby.

2. Pregnant women can not do anesthesia

This is another common myth regarding whether it is possible for pregnant women to do the teeth.In fact, in modern dental clinic good enough for a wide variety of drugs of local anesthesia.In addition, for pregnant women, there is a special group of drugs that can not overcome the placenta and enter the fetus.These drugs do not constrict the blood vessels and can in no way damage the future baby.

3. Pregnant women best not to do the teeth

Well, this is all complete nonsense.The fact that expectant mothers especially increased risk of all sorts of diseases associated it with dentistry.In particular, they have completely changed the calcium metabolism in the body, which leads to the probable destruction of teeth.Early morning sickness, for example, actively removes calcium from the body and reduces appetite in pregnant women, and thus the required amount of calcium simply ceases to flow into the body of the future mother.

Starting around the fifth month of pregnancy, the fetus bony skeleton begins to be updated rapidly, he calcify, and therefore, in the mother's body at this time there is an active calcium consumption.Of course, as soon as the level of calcium in the blood falls below the required pregnant, the body begins to replenish its reserves, and the first victims of such a filling is just falling teeth and jaw bone tissue.It is not surprising that during this period in pregnancy starts to develop periodontal disease and other similar diseases.

active restructuring of the body of a pregnant woman leads to the fact that it changes the composition of many physiological fluids such as blood or saliva.This can lead to the development of active caries.And if in doubt about whether pregnant women do teeth, postponing visits to the doctor for "later", it could result in the loss of one or even several teeth.

Noi is not everything.Caries - a contagious disease.They ate at the expectant mother is present cavities, you can be sure that it will necessarily develop and her unborn child.In constant contact of mother and newborn baby the infection begins to spread rapidly and can also affect other organs and systems of the child, whose immune protection immediately after birth is simply not available.A healthy child can only be the case if his mother is completely healthy.Take care of it.