Can pregnant mushrooms and how to better prepare

Of course, there is nothing surprising or wrong that someone does not like mushrooms.Well - do not like and do not like, think.In the world there are still a lot of delicious foods.But if you just belong to the rest of humanity, and very fond of mushrooms, and at the same time expecting a child?Can you in this case, the use of mushrooms in food whether pregnant mushrooms?And, if allowed, the form in which it is better to use?

What pregnant women should know about mushrooms

Mushrooms, vegetable meat, which contains a lot of nutrients, particularly the B vitamins, so necessary during pregnancy, vitamins A, C, PP, copper, zinc, niacin.

must be said that not all nutritionists recommend in pregnancy include mushrooms in your diet, as they can be too heavy food for expectant mothers who are known and so are experiencing ongoing problems with digestion.

course, mushrooms can be found a lot of useful substances your body, but in the end, the same material can, if desired, to find and more digestible foods

, and suffer no favorite, but so difficult for the stomach of a pregnant woman are any foodthe 40 weeks, in the end, is not so difficult.Anything's better than no sleep due to digestive problems.

But if you are no particular problems are experienced, then you may sometimes afford to eat some mushrooms, because it really is a very nutritious and healthy product.

Can pregnant mushrooms

can.Only with some reservations.Firstly, you must be completely sure of the quality of the mushrooms that are eaten.Although mushrooms are very useful, poisoning with this product are the heaviest, so pregnant women should exercise special caution.

Even perfectly safe at first mushrooms can be harmful to your health, if grown near highways or industrial areas.So do not buy mushrooms at random sellers.Prepare only those collected by yourself or those that were collected close to you.

can buy those mushrooms that have been grown industrially and are sold in shops, for example - mushrooms.In this case, you too can be absolutely sure of their safety.Suit and frozen mushrooms from the special collections.

If you are going to cook wild mushrooms, in the first place carefully inspect them, not whether they are wormy, if covered with mold, if not gone soft.Tainted mushrooms should be ruthlessly send in the trash.

cooking mushrooms is necessary for a long time.First, boil them for 20 minutes, then drain and put the new cooking mushrooms.In order to become fully prepared, you will need at least another half an hour.This durable treatment helps get rid of those harmful substances that can accumulate in mushrooms.But even the most delicious and healthy pregnant woman should eat mushrooms in very moderate amounts, in order not to overload your stomach.

Pregnant women should completely abandon fried mushrooms.The ideal option for them is rather weak mushroom soup.But it is quite possible and put out the mushrooms in the skillet or bake in the oven.By the way, in the oven you can cook and very tasty mushrooms stewed in pots with sour cream.

As for salted or dried mushrooms, pickled or canned they generally should not be eaten during pregnancy.Useful substances in them are practically absent, with salted or pickled products harmful to the digestive system of pregnant women.