Can pregnant women go to the cemetery ?Everything depends on you

It is clear that nothing is more incompatible than pregnancy and cemetery, the birth of a new life and its sad end.But, alas, it's life, and sometimes even to pregnant women have to walk to the cemetery.Nevertheless, there is a strong opinion that pregnant women in any case should not do.So how can that be?

Can pregnant women go to the cemetery - that thinks about the Orthodox Church

turns out that there are no obstacles on the part of the Church to ensure that pregnant women went to the cemetery.On the contrary, the Church welcomes the timely commemoration of the deceased, and to do so should be even pregnant.God particularly favors those who do not forget their loved ones and their dead ancestors.So the religious customs of visiting pregnant cemetery is welcome.

And what they think about it, psychologists

But by the psychologists not all is well.No, of course, and they also confirm that the opinion that pregnant women in any case can not go to the cemetery, is nothing more than superstition.A

nd at the same time, psychologists also believe that they do, definitely not worth it.Why?

Well, think for yourself.As a rule, a visit to the cemetery due to the severe and tragic occasion.This can be stressful for the pregnant woman.A negative voltage is required to affect not only her own health, but also on the future health of the child, who sensitively captures every change of mood of his mother, part of a single whole.

Of course, we must distinguish between occasions like trips.When it comes to funerals, in this case, the trip to the cemetery for pregnant definitely a bad idea.Moreover, even if the deceased was not a close friend of the expectant mother.After contemplation of another's grief, too, it is a very serious shock.And the whole atmosphere of the funeral, a priori, is too painful.And even more so, for the pregnant woman.

ride to the cemetery for the funeral of a pregnant in the event that the deceased was a close and loved one, such as a brother, father, husband, and does not follow, no matter how longer wanted to be with someone you love and carry it to the final resting place.It can cause severe nervous breakdown and even result in miscarriage.But you do not want to lose a child.Especially - in a time when it is a child of the thread that binds you to life.Think about your responsibilities before him and - stay home.All done without you.A lover then you come to visit, in a more relaxed atmosphere, when the first pain of losing a little to subside.

Can pregnant women go to the cemetery to visit the graves of relatives

And here is a little different story.And a lot depends on what kind of thoughts and feelings brings you to the cemetery.If it inspires anxiety and even fear, causes only negative emotions, then, perhaps, to go to the cemetery, you should not.Many, on the contrary, the cemetery is a sense of peace and tranquility.And visit the grave of a friend or beloved grandfather to them, on the contrary, is very nice, if you can call it, so no negative emotions such travel causes.In this case, no obstacles to visit the cemetery pregnant psychologists do not see.All will depend entirely on their own perception.

However, we should not forget the fact that with the onset of pregnancy, a woman becomes very superstitious and impressionable.And if the idea that pregnant women can not go to the cemetery, which is a bad sign, and so on, tightly nestled in her mind, then there's nothing to be helped.Let things go as is.