Can pregnant grenades and what are its benefits

Perhaps no one will argue with the fact that pomegranate is really an incredibly tasty and healthy fruit.And many women would like to know whether you can use it to pregnant or will be in the 40 weeks long goodbye with pleasure a taste of the ripe and juicy pomegranate.Meanwhile, the pregnancy is just the time when the expectant mother has never needed vitamins and minerals.

course, them in large quantities can be found in other fruits and vegetables, especially if you are lucky, and most of the time your pregnancy occurred in summer and autumn.Of course, in winter you can find a way out, for example, taking vitamin and mineral complexes.But do they compare with fun sinking your teeth into a ripe pomegranate fruit?Can pregnant grenades?

What is useful grenades for pregnant

Pomegranate fruit, which actually is a multi-seeded berries, was widely known in the ancient world, and, as in the East, as well as in Greece and Rome.In the food can be consumed, and pomegranate juice, and the bones of this amaz

ing creatures of nature.

Pomegranate, is a treasure trove of various vitamins and minerals.B1, B2, B6, B15, C, A, E, PP, amino acids, protein, fiber, carbohydrates, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, fruit acids - all this you can find in the garnet and bones.This fruit perfectly supports the body and strengthens the immune system and.what is most surprising - it helps pregnant women to deal with a cold cough.

The pomegranate fruit contains large amounts of iron, which means that the pomegranate is very useful for anemia in expectant mother, and not only.Pomegranate helps to cope with early toxicity because it improves appetite and normalization of the entire digestive system.Pomegranate in pregnancy is an excellent preventive measure against edema, because, firstly, it is a wonderful diuretic, removes excess fluid from the body, and secondly, its juice is good quenches even the strongest thirst.

Let's talk a little about the bones

Talking about whether pregnant grenades, and why it is so useful, of course, we can not tell about the wonderful qualities of the pomegranate seed.Neither consist of a special type of dietary fiber and naturally cleanse the body of harmful cholesterol such vessels.In addition, the pomegranate seeds contain substances that are removed from the waste products of your body's disease-causing bacteria.Well, in addition to all these wonderful bones to help pregnant women cope with the increased pressure and headaches that so often plagued future mothers.


Pregnant women in the use of pomegranate, as with everything else, you must comply with some caution.Firstly, when immoderate use of garnet, however, and not only garnet, possible symptoms of allergic reactions, even in the event that prior to pregnancy, you calmly ate a pomegranate to eat, and nothing like you have ever had.The fact that the body of pregnant women exposed to a complete restructuring and this must be taken into account.

Pomegranate juice has a high acidity and may cause heartburn.Therefore, the pomegranate is contraindicated in pregnant women who are diagnosed gastritis or ulcerative lesions of the gastrointestinal tract.

often impossible to use grenades and women who suffer from constipation, as pomegranate contains in its composition tanning binders.

probably should not completely abandon the pomegranate, of course, if you do not have a strong allergy to it.Simply cut its use to a few grains a day, and pomegranate juice diluted with water or other neutral juice in equal parts.