Can pregnant women be vaccinated against various diseases

Of course, all the necessary vaccinations for pregnant women would be nice to do at the stage of planning of pregnancy.Alas, it is often spontaneous pregnancy and the situation in which a need for emergency vaccination does not happen too often.Can pregnant women be vaccinated in these situations to avoid any serious illnesses?How they can be harmless for expectant mothers?

Vaccination of pregnant women - expert opinion

single point of view on this subject have no doctors.Some of them believe that vaccination during pregnancy not bear fruit any harm.While others hold the opposite opinion, believing that it could theoretically be dangerous.Therefore, in order to reduce the potential risk to a minimum, vaccination is recommended for pregnant women to do only when the damage caused by the mother or the fetus as a result of possible diseases is much higher than the possible risks from the use of the vaccine.

When the vaccine becomes urgent

First of all, if the expectant mother had contact with a ca

rrier of serious illness, such as mumps.In this case, ask whether it is possible to vaccinate pregnant women, it is already too late and the vaccination should be carried out immediately.The fact that the effect can only be achieved if the vaccine is made at a certain time after the expected exposure.

Pregnant women should not be administered live virus vaccines, which are commonly used for the prevention of diseases such as measles, rubella, mumps, polio or chicken pox because the risk of a weakened form of the virus penetrate to the fetus, although it is small, but heavailable.Therefore, for emergency prevention of such diseases, the expectant mother does not drive the vaccine, and has formed antibodies.

Inactivated vaccines may be used during pregnancy, but only subject to the absolute caution.If the expectant mother is an urgent need of vaccination occurred in the time of her pregnancy, the doctor must inform the patient all the possible effects of the vaccine and the possible consequences of refusing its application.

Caution - rubella

This is one of the most dangerous diseases in pregnancy because it causes all kinds of affecting the fetus, including mental diseases and congenital malformations.If you have not had this innocuous disease in childhood, then you definitely need to be vaccinated against rubella not later than two months prior to pregnancy.Of course, in that case it - planned.If you have not already done so, and you have made contact, such as rubella child, not later than within one day after the contact, you must enter the immunoglobulin, which, unfortunately, can not protect you one hundred percent guarantee againstdevelopment of the disease.

Can pregnant women to carry out the vaccination against rubella?Unfortunately not, because the danger that even the weakened virus to penetrate and infect the fetus it is too high.If you do not find antibodies to the disease in your blood, the pregnancy is likely to have to interrupt.

In some cases, pregnant women be vaccinated against the flu

Generally, this disease is not considered to be very difficult, so pregnant women are either not vaccinated against influenza, suggesting that the body is able to cope with the disease on their own, or else makeit is the second half of pregnancy.If there is a risk of complications that may be too heavy (for example, if a pregnant woman present chronic lung disease), the inoculation made no matter at what stage of pregnancy the patient is located.