Can pregnant women embroider and other issues

Almost all the beliefs associated with pregnancy, but they are really quite a few, can be divided into two large groups.The first of them will be those signs, which fully can be called superstition, and who now are without any valid justification, something like that, is it possible to expectant mothers to embroider a cross or buy a dowry to the unborn child.

second group should put those signs that are quite logical explanation, even if they at first glance may seem absurd to you.What are the signs?This will be discussed below.For example that it is possible to embroider pregnant?

Can pregnant women to cut hair

This is perhaps the most common first sign that reasonably can be attributed to the first group.It is believed that this can not be done in any case, because in this way in the future of baby shortened life like the hair of his mother.

And the thing is that earlier in Russia, and not only long hair were mandatory feature beautiful, and most importantly - healthy woman.If a woman has been c

lipped, it could say, in the best case, to postpone the disease, and at worst - that this is a criminal, who visited the prison.It is clear that a healthy child, this woman could not be longer.

Can pregnant in advance to buy a dowry for the future baby

This is another pervasive superstition that has no under itself, at the moment, no reasonable justification.It is believed that if you buy clothes and other necessary little things for the baby in advance, and even, God forbid, you do it yourself, the baby you will be painful, or may even not born.

Indeed, a poor peasant family, prepared in advance dowry for the baby was a significant waste of the family budget.And if the child was born dead or died shortly after birth, then, among other things, made things turned out pretty purchase invoices.

Well, how it can be relevant to the present day, think for yourself?

Can pregnant women embroider

is believed that if a pregnant woman will sit diligently embroidering and knitting, then it will be difficult birth, as a rule, due to the fact that the child entangled in the umbilical cord.No relationship to reality is, of course, has not, except that if a pregnant will be too much to sit in one place, so even in a stuffy room, it can actually lead to the fact that its body is not starved for oxygen, andit can result in fetal hypoxia.

Can pregnant women wear heels

But this is a ban related to the second group.Pregnant women do not wear heels.And not only that its weight considerably increases, and, consequently, the metatarsus load increases too much.The fact is that in pregnant women the center of gravity is shifting and it becomes very inconvenient, and moreover - it is dangerous, because the risk of falling increases dramatically.Therefore, pregnant women need to wear shoes with a small heel particularly stable, about 5 cm.

height Please note that the shoe does not wear heels too, can not, because it leads to edema.

Why pregnant women can not hang washing on the clothesline

fact - it is impossible.And that's why.Raise your hands up at the hanging of laundry, a pregnant woman increases so that the pressure inside the peritoneum, and this leads to a vacuum effect.The internal organs, including the uterus is too tense, it may be the tone, and it is - a direct risk of miscarriage.This is not cross stitching.And, of course, do not hang laundry in the event that you and so pregnancy is problematic.