Can pregnant women to ride a bike and how

finally established on the street is dry and warm weather - it's time to sit on the bike and ride somewhere, but.Are you expecting a child, and your bike sadly gathering dust in the garage or on the wall in the pantry.Can pregnant women to ride a bike?- Melancholy sigh you and pushes it to the time to go to hell.And - it is in vain.

Pregnancy and bicycle is it compatible?

If you've ever been in Holland, you probably noticed, the delight with which future moms at different stages famously twist bicycle pedal.And this happens not only in the Netherlands but also in other countries where the bicycle has become familiar and favorite means of transportation.And doctors do not have any objections in this regard, the question of whether it is possible for pregnant women to ride a bike, do not even come to their minds.The only limitation could provide some complications during pregnancy, but if all goes well - then why not?If you are accustomed to adhere to an active lifestyle, then nothing prevents you to c

ontinue it, and after you become pregnant.

Can expectant mothers to make cycling

Not so long ago this question would probably have cast any Russian gynecologist to a screeching halt.Fortunately for lovers of the bike, everything flows, everything changes, and today even some doctors in Russia is not so strongly opposed to pregnant women did not go cycling, of course, with some reservations.

In fact, cycling is much easier than to walk a lot, because in this way creates less stress on the joints.Most importantly, you do not overdo it and avoid dehydration of the organism.All is good in moderation and do not overdo it too, making a walk in the workout.As soon as you feel tired, it is better to stop.

If cycling is a matter of habit for you and you almost do not feel tired, you can make such trips regularly, taking with him a couple of friends for company.

Usually pregnant women are well aware that it is possible and what is not, that benefit, but from what is better to abstain.When cycling itineraries are also worth fully trust your own intuition.And, of course, must follow certain rules.

Rules cycling for pregnant

Unfortunately, European women are lucky much more than us, because they all meet the requirements of road cycling for pregnant women, and bicycle paths is enough.In Russia, and the roads are designed for extreme driving only, and only for bicycling and cities virtually no one has heard.So it is possible that at the time of pregnancy bike you better really to delay or replace it with an exercise bike, a drop which is practically impossible.