Can pregnant women use mustard for colds

Because the body of pregnant women is often severely weakened, because all the forces he aims at nurturing a new life, then, no matter how you tried to protect themselves from the cold and often does not work.If you suffer a cough, the usual condition you would, without hesitation, put yourself mustard.But is it possible for pregnant mustard?No Do this any contraindications?

What are the mustard and how they act

Of course, all of you and not once seen these yellow rectangular pieces of paper, coated them with a thin layer of dried mustard.And, of course, the vast majority of us are not only seen, but also experienced the impact.

hard to say exactly who and when first applied in practice, this means that present we only know that they are really great.When overlaying a mustard plaster on a certain area of ​​the body, lymph and blood flow to it actively amplified vessels dilate, pain and inflammation simply recede into the eyes.In addition, a special ingredient - mirozin who slumbers peacefully in mu

stard as long as it is in a dry state, after its interaction with the warm water awakens and penetrates through the pores of the skin into the body, destroying everything in its path pathogenic microbes.Thus, soon all the symptoms of the disease disappear, and there comes the long-awaited recovery.

Can pregnant mustard put

And here, all is not so simple.It turns out that all the experts agree that pregnant women should not be put mustard in any case.And that's why.

fact that mustard is actively heated the place to which they were delivered, and as you know, warming up the body during pregnancy is very dangerous.It can cause miscarriage.It is likely that if you are using a warm mustard plasters chest or upper back, then abortion is not threatened, but for pregnant women, the less such risks, the better.Especially as dangerous for pregnant women warm feet, abdomen, lumbar region and pelvis.

As it is impossible to take a hot bath, a long time lying in the sun or stay in the steam room more than 10 minutes knows pregnant women.All the same fully applies to the use of mustard plasters.All of these procedures can cause uterine tone or even trigger its activity.It is no accident in the old days, we get rid of the unwanted pregnancy with the help of a strong warming or just hovering feet in a basin of very hot water.Where, by the way, was added and mustard powder.

There is another reason for pregnant women to use mustard is extremely undesirable.The fact that this procedure greatly increases the blood pressure, which is often in pregnant and so is higher than usual.In turn, elevated blood pressure leads to narrowing of the lumen of blood vessels, including the vessels of the placenta.This means that the fetus will be much worse supplied with oxygen, and so it needs nutrients.It is clear that even with short-term exposure, nothing good in a similar effect for your unborn baby is not.

Well, another reason why pregnant women should not be put mustard.As already mentioned, the effect of mustard plasters based on the fact that blood flow to the place where they are greatly enhanced.Since the amount of blood in your body is constant, this means that the blood supply to the uterus and placenta is much weaker.So much for the cause of oxygen deficiency, which will test your baby all the time, as long as you keep the mustard.