Let's talk about the FAS - whether pregnant women drink

It's amazing, but still not every expectant mother can say exactly what it was dangerous use of alcohol during pregnancy.No, that is that alcohol is harmful, have heard all about it.But exactly how it affects the fetus and whether it is possible to drink during pregnancy in small amounts, perhaps, the answer to this question not only know a lot.Meanwhile, all psychoactive drugs, such as contained in alcoholic beverages, ethanol or ethyl alcohol, act on the brain of the developing fetus in your body literally directly.

How can this be?- you ask.After all, nature, conscious of the importance of this body, made sure to close the brains of the future baby is not even a single safety barrier, and two at once.This is, firstly, the placental barrier, and secondly, blood brain.Placental barrier separates the blood from the circulatory system of the mother system of the fetus, so that the blood in the baby fell only useful substances, protecting it from those who may cause harm to the fetus.But the second, the b

lood-brain barrier protects the brain itself has a future baby of his own blood system, which plays the role of a kind of physiological filter.

Even if you do all this and still do not know now, for sure, you know how carefully the nature of the brain protected against all possible troubles.The second barrier can not be overcome almost any substance.Even antibiotic bounce off him like a ball on a brick wall.Almost none - with the exception of ethanol.That leads to a truly terrifying consequences.

This is a terrible word - the FAS

No, in this case we are not talking about a service dog team, now we are talking about a phenomenon known as fetal alcohol syndrome infants.For the first time described the first for a long time - more than 200 years ago.The FAS - is a huge set of symptoms that occur in a child whose mother did not think about whether it is possible for pregnant women to drink and did not want to give up their own habits in favor of the unborn child is.

As a rule, all of FAS symptoms can be divided into three separate groups:

If symptoms are present not completely in the set do not have any symptoms, then it could be, for example, of the FAS, but the FAE, not a syndrome,and the effect of alcohol or of any violations related to alcohol syndrome - FASD.

child who has been diagnosed at least one of these disorders is a heavy burden, and not only their parents, but also on society as a whole.Your child, who could become your reliable support in old age, will never be able to support you, because he will always be in need of care and support.Your - or someone else's.But worst of all, he will always be in front of your eyes a living reproach the fact that you could not refuse such a small - from alcohol during pregnancy.

Are there safe levels of alcohol for pregnant

But whether pregnant women drink a little?No matter how much written about the fact that some doses of alcohol can go unnoticed for pregnancy and did not damage the unborn child, you should definitely remember that in reality determine a dose can not nobody.As no one can say whether it is safe to be held precisely the small, seemingly dose of alcohol, you have allowed yourself to him today.Perhaps it is at this moment already penetrated into his brain and made it serious damage.And know this, you can already just after birth.