Can pregnant women do hair removal in the salon or clinic

It is clear that even during pregnancy a woman wants to be fully prepared and excessive vegetation on the body makes her dull irritation.I do not always feel like doing epilation on the old-fashioned way, at home, and it is clear that in the cabin, this procedure will be performed more reliably.But can a pregnant woman to go to a salon and make it waxed or is contraindicated in her condition?To understand this, first of all, you need to understand what hair removal methods are commonly used in beauty salons and how they operate.

Laser hair removal hair

This procedure - is the destruction of the hair with the help of concentrated light beam.This method relates to non-contact and does not act directly on the skin.However, to get rid of vegetation in a single session is impossible, usually it takes at least 5 sessions, spaced colonies two months.After each session the skin is treated with a special drug that helps remove and prevent its inflammation.the latest generation of lasers allow not only to get

rid of the dark, but also on the blond hair.

The process painlessly remove hair from any part of the body, and after each procedure, the newly growing hair thinning and becoming more and more noticeable.

course, laser hair removal should be carried out only by experienced and knowledgeable beautician, because otherwise you can easily burn the skin.

However, pregnant women should be aware that pregnancy is a contraindication for Anna procedure.Also, it can not be carried out at a somatic pathologies of various kinds of dermatitis and other skin diseases.


The basis of the method laid a fundamentally different principle of action.It is used not constant light beam or the flash.Thus sealed vessels, converted into heat due to the light energy.The method is non-contact and also the most gentle.To fully get rid of hair you need to spend at least 4 hair removal treatments, the interval between them should be not less than one and a half months.After a full course will be held, in this area of ​​skin is no longer the hair appears.In an extreme case, there is a little fluff.

Unlike laser hair removal, Laser hair removal is easy to cope with the hair of any color, it is perfectly justified when used in intimate areas and tanned skin, with which virtually does not cope laser.However, this method is quite expensive, because each time the equipment is necessary to reconfigure a specific client.And since it is quite difficult, it is necessary that those involved in an experienced specialist in the well-proven clinic.

Can pregnant women do hair removal using this method?Unfortunately no.This procedure is also contraindicated in pregnant women, as well as laser hair removal.In fact, it has all the same contraindications as the laser.

Hair removal with ultrasound

affect on hair directional ultrasonic signal that breaks the bulb power, resulting in the hair just falls out.This hair removal is rather an auxiliary and is shown particularly in areas of dense hair growth for a photo or laser hair removal.

Can pregnant do waxing (bioepilyatsiya)

The most common method of hair removal salon, although it certainly can be done, and at home.It is very important to choose the right material for it.Bioepilation suitable for any type and hair color, but you need to understand that it is quite painful, especially for pregnant women, which all significantly reduced pain threshold.In addition, after the procedure it is possible occurrence of irritation, again - especially for expectant mothers.So what to do or not to do pregnant hair removal using wax to decide, of course, to you, but because it brings a lot of discomfort, doctors are advised to refrain from it.