Can pregnant grapes and in what quantity

Power expectant mother, as a whole, does not differ from normal human nutrition, therefore ask whether it is possible for pregnant women to eat certain foods, such as grapes, it is not entirely correct.In fact, strictly forbidden foods during pregnancy is not so much, and definitely not the grape is one of them.It is that some of the rules to be followed during its use.But the same can be fully attributed to the rest of the diet of expectant mother.So if you love these big delicious ripe berries, you can be absolutely quiet.

Can pregnant grapes - than a useful grapes?

As the saying goes, rabbits are not only valuable fur .. And the grapes, it is not only tasty and juicy berries, but also a very useful dietary product.The ripe berries of grapes contains glucose and fructose, a plurality of organic acids: tartaric, malic, citric and other.There can be found as needed to pregnant women minerals: potassium, calcium, iron, cobalt, manganese, iodine, phenolics, and other dietary supplements.

Eating only 1 kilogram of grapes, you provide your body with a daily norm of iron, so necessary for pregnant women for the reproduction of hemoglobin, which is essential for a sufficient supply of oxygen to the fetus.

Did you know that 1 kilogram of grapes contains 450 mg of calcium.Without calcium impossible to build bone in a child or a normal condition of bones and teeth very pregnant woman.

Just 1 cup of grape juice contains the daily norm of vitamins belonging to Group B. This is especially important for pregnant women, who often have problems with hair, nails and skin because of the lack of these vitamins.

That is why doctors strongly recommend to use the grapes to the future mothers, of course, respecting the limitations.

Grapes in pregnancy.Some rules use

ought to put the question is not whether a pregnant grapes and how to properly use, does not appear to some unpleasant consequences.Indeed, despite the obvious benefits for the use of grapes during pregnancy, it also has some unpleasant features.Thus, the grape - it is a high-calorie product, and using it can easily be mistaken with vyschityvaniem daily calories and gain weight, which is undesirable, however, not only during pregnancy.Furthermore, grapes can cause bloating and flatulence in the intestine, palpitations and other undesirable consequences.It, however, does not mean you need to abandon this delicious berry.

Pregnant recommended to use no more than 0.5 kg of grapes per day and no more than twice a week.If you want to attend the grapes in your daily diet, eat no more than two dozen of berries a day.The observance of this rule is quite help you avoid the unpleasant consequences of which we spoke.

There is one caveat - the grapes are not just calories in itself, except that it also actively increases appetite.Therefore, in the last weeks of pregnancy, when the fetus is growing most actively, the expectant mother, if she is afraid of a significant increase in weight from eating the grapes should be abandoned.Nor should eat grapes pregnant diabetes, colitis, stomach ulcers, obesity go hypertension during pregnancy.If you have any doubt on the question of whether it is possible to use the grapes for you, just talk to your attending physician.