Can pregnant women get married ?Why not?

More and more young couples and not only bonded their marriage in a church wedding.Not all, of course, at the same time sincerely believe in God, many follow this tradition only because it is fashionable or - so it is accepted.But there are those couples for whom the church marriage is much more important than civil marriage.And often, they come to realize that they need to get married after the woman became pregnant.

Of course, it would be possible to wait until the baby is born and then already sealed their union.But sometimes the young want their child to be born is in the church marriage.Can pregnant women get married?What is the position of the Orthodox Church in this matter?

Church's attitude to pregnant women

There are very mistaken belief that says if a pregnant woman can not not only married, but even go to church.Any priest will tell you that it is not only nonsense, but also extremely dangerous delusion.The Orthodox Church honors the pregnant woman as the mother of the future and believe

s that it is a special grace of God, which enabled it to become the bearer of a new life.Therefore, pregnant women are not only prohibited from entering the church, but on the contrary, it is very welcome and she's surrounded by attention and respect.

In addition, a pregnant woman should be sure to thank God for the gift he made to her, because it made the sign of life in such happiness and joy, like pregnancy.And, of course, the pregnant woman should ask for God's help in coming to her child bearing and successful resolution of the burden.At the same time, when you come to church, you no one will ask whether you are married or not with the father of the child.From the perspective of the Church, it is already enough that God himself has blessed you.

Can we get married pregnant

It should be understood that the Church we have separated from the state, so it recognizes all the marriages that were entered in the secular state structures and consider them absolutely legitimate.Thus, if your child has been conceived in a registered marriage, then there is no sin in that, according to the Church, no.Thus, even if you give birth to a child is not in the church, and in the public or, as correct to call - a civil marriage, do not worry.The Orthodox Church, he is recognized for the law.

But if you really want to get married, being pregnant, there are no obstacles to this, too, does not exist.You may well receive the Lord's blessing on the birth of a new life and future of children, even when they are in position.As already mentioned, a pregnant woman has a special divine purity and her many sins are forgiven.

Sacrament Wedding

pregnant can get married or not, will depend only on the state of their health.It should be understood that this rite, but not too long, but at least you have to spend hours on their feet.Therefore, if you suspect that you may become ill during the wedding, it is better to wait with him.Think about it - in fact it is one and the happiest days of your life, so is it worth it to mar?

To avoid unpleasant surprises, take care and how to dress for your wedding was quite loose and comfortable, feel free to either your breath or your movements.Pay special attention to shoes - because you have to stand for a long time, and this is not easy, and in a normal state.

before the wedding do not forget to confess and receive communion from the priest who will perform the ceremony and again pray to the Blessed Virgin, that it gave you strength for the wedding and has strengthened your faith.