Can pregnant Hematogen and what it is

Even during the childhood of our mothers and grandmothers Hematogen very popular, but today this drug is among, if not firmly forgotten, it is not even secondary and perhaps tertiary resources.Hematogen today almost appointed doctors, and on pharmacy shelves it is very difficult to see, among many other colored boxes.But the older generation, of course, remember it is a favorite for cheap and delicacy of his childhood.If you do not know what Hematogen, as well as whether pregnant hematogen, it is likely that in this article you will be able to find a lot of new and interesting.

What Hematogen

Hematogen, a drug that could be called one of the first dietary supplements.In appearance it resembles a large chocolates and has a pretty unusual and pleasant taste.In any case, once the children who had not been so spoiled with an abundance of all kinds of sweets on the shelves, we ate it with great pleasure.And I must say that in contrast to the same chocolate use in hematogenically much more.

basis for the production of Hematogen as follows from its name, is the dried blood of cattle, and its composition is balanced for maximum assimilation by the human body.In hematogenically contains honey, condensed milk, askorbinku and other useful substances, significantly improving its taste.

Hematogen very rich in iron, which means that it stimulates the production of red blood cells by the body, enriches the blood with oxygen and speeds up the metabolism.Hematogen is an excellent source of many much-needed body substances: vitamins, carbohydrates, various amino acids, minerals.Moreover, all these substances are contained in a state as close as possible to ensure that well absorbed by the human body.

Vitamins A and C help maintain good vision, improve the condition of the skin and its functions, promote hair growth.This is especially important during adolescence maturation, hormonal changes during the whole organism.This Hematogen virtually has no contraindications and side effects.Almost, but ..

Can pregnant Hematogen

That pregnancy is just one of the contraindications for the use Hematogen.The fact that the drug may make more dense blood and during pregnancy is simply unacceptable, since it can lead to thrombosis in the placenta.In addition, the liquid quickly enough circulating blood can cause the baby oxygen deficiency and lead to negative consequences.

Glut organism future mother in the group vitamins can also cause a variety of allergic reactions, and not only at the very pregnant, but also for the developing fetus.

Finally, Hematogen very rich in carbohydrate, and it threatens to excessive weight gain, both the pregnant and the unborn child.That in itself is not good.

And finally, since Hematogen made from animal blood, you can never rule out even a negligible possibility that it can not find the victim in the processing of malicious virus.Adult body cope with them without any problems, but the body of the developing fetus may face serious danger.

However, in some instances, even doctors recommend pregnant women eat Hematogen.This usually happens in the case of iron deficiency anemia in expectant mother, in order to support the body and help to establish the necessary balance.In any case, the decision about whether you indicated during the childbearing Hematogen use, even in limited numbers, can only take watching specialist, guided by the results of the surveys.