Can pregnant women do an enema for constipation

As you know constipation is a perennial problem for pregnant women, which the expectant mother is very hard to cope with.The fact that the increased size of the uterus begins to actively press on the intestines and cleanse the body simply does not occur, despite the fact that it desires to have.Of course, otherwise it would be possible to use a cleansing enema, but when it comes to pregnant women, you never know in advance what they can do, and what not.So today we will talk about such a delicate issue as an enema and whether it is possible for pregnant women to do an enema?

The enema is dangerous during pregnancy

In fact, if you do an enema before decided to consult with the attending physician, you have done is absolutely correct.The fact that an enema during pregnancy is not such a safe procedure, as it might seem at first glance.The principle of operation of this simple object based on the fact that the enema activates peristalsis - the motion of its smooth muscles, and so is its liberation from

the stool.But, unfortunately, the intestines, as has been said, is in the immediate vicinity of the uterus, in fact, one might even say that the uterus lies directly on it.This means that the activity of the intestine can trigger the activity of the uterine muscle.That, as you know, during pregnancy at all desirable.In general, pregnant women should be aware that the more the uterus will have to be at rest, the better.

And it is clear that such an activity of the intestine completely unacceptable in those cases where the tone of the uterus and so you have raised.This is a direct threat of termination of pregnancy.

Can pregnant do an enema?

As you know, simple answer to this question is impossible.Much will depend on how your pregnancy proceeds and in what condition is your uterus, if there is any deviation, or the threat of miscarriage or premature birth.

And finally, you must answer the question, why do you want to do an enema.

It is clear that in order to clean the intestines.H if you're trying with its help to get rid of constipation, you should be aware that to solve the existing problem in this way you do not get.Most likely, you will only make it worse.In order to cope with persistent constipation, you will need to greatly revise your diet and eliminate from the diet those foods which could lead to the emergence of constipation.In addition, the need to move more, live a more active lifestyle, well, and finally, take some laxatives mild effects, such as Guttalaks.It can be in your case, use enema and how it will be effective, can be solved only by the doctor observing your pregnancy.So do not hesitate to contact him on the matter.

How do pregnant enema

Make enema correctly - not such a simple task, especially for pregnant women.First, you must choose the correct volume, Then you, too, will need specialist advice.Typically used for pregnant enema in a volume of 500 ml.

Once you have purchased an enema, be sure to thoroughly disinfect the handpiece.

Add the water, you'll use a little petroleum jelly - just a few drops.

Fill an enema with warm water, and the tip before use lubricate behold the same liquid paraffin.

Lie on your side, so that you feel comfortable, put an enema in the anus and slowly pressing the bulb, enter the water in the intestine.

Soak for about 10 minutes and as soon as you want to go to the toilet, carefully stand up and do it.

Remember that pregnant enema can be done only on prescription and not more than 1 time in 10 days.