How to treat a child's ear to young parents ?

Once upon a time our grandmothers-great-grandmothers could get rid of any sickness with the help of several herbs, tinctures or lotions. Now these ancient recipes have gone far into the centuries, and how they could help in the treatment of various sores. Such folk-tested recipes would be very useful in treating children who can not be drunk with all sorts of medicines. One of the most restless diseases, when a child can be helped with special folk remedies, is ear disease.

Removing middle ear inflammation

As a rule, not all young parents know how to treat an ear in a child. Therefore, they often have to resort to the advice of their grandmothers and great-grandmothers. One of the effective means to relieve the inflammation of the middle ear is tincture from the leaves of peppermint or peppermint-herb balm. They act very efficiently and quickly bring relief. The most important thing is to instill only a warm tincture at least four times a day. Also, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect i

s possessed by calendula and medicinal melon. As the rules insist on these plants only flowers and on the same principle buried in the ears of the child, that is, the course is only a warm tincture at least four times a day. After removing acute pain in the child's ears, one can think of introducing lavender or rose hips into the ear, which can warm up the sore ear and prevent the emergence of new bouts of pain.

Purulent otitis, its treatment

At this time, it should be very attentive to the secretions from the child's ears. If you see that there are yellow-green discharge, then this indicates that the otitis has become purulent. The main danger of this disease is that it can become chronic. Purulent otitis is an infectious disease, which means that celandine tincture, calanhoo juice or freshly prepared mixture of onion and garlic can cope with it.

In order to know how to treat the ear in a child after removal of a purulent condition, it is necessary to understand that at this time the ear should be given to heal. To accelerate the healing of the ear, a calendula or a tincture from the pericarp of hazelnut will help. Both these plants act astringently and burn cauterily. If you are dealing with an allergic itch of the ear canal, folk recipes advise you to take a gruel from the leaves of cabbage. It will also be beneficial to use rosehip broth, which contains ascorbic acid. It will help reduce the allergic background.