Bath during pregnancy : Is it possible for pregnant women bath

Perhaps some of the issues rarely causes a number of disputes as the one which deals with a bath in pregnancy.If you ask five different people on this subject, it is likely to hear five different response options, from "can not be categorically" to "it is possible and even useful."Meanwhile, the water, especially warm helps pregnant women to relieve fatigue and stress to the muscles of the back and legs, promotes rest, relaxation.And, of course, by water, you can calm the taut nerves, and just a pleasure to teach.

If pregnant are allowed and even encouraged to walk to the pool, how they devour be contraindicated bath?Where is the logic in this statement?Let's try to figure out where he is called, his feet are growing and whether pregnant bath.

Why bath during pregnancy has fallen out of favor

A couple of decades ago, it was believed that the water penetrates into the woman's vagina, it immerses you in all kinds of germs and infectious agents.This, supposedly, could damage somehow the child.Therefor

e, pregnant women were allowed to take a shower only to avoid being in stagnant water.But, in that case, it would be logical to ban them as well any exercises in the pool, while the water aerobics for pregnant women is increasingly growing in popularity.This is no accident.The fact that doctors have long been able to prove that the germs or any dirt can in no way overcome the mucous plug covering the entrance to the uterus, which means that the child is not exposed to any danger precisely.

second explanation, which is used to motivate the ban bath for pregnant deserves more attention.The fact is that too hot bath can provoke a threat of miscarriage.No wonder, since ancient times, if a woman wanted to get rid of unwanted pregnancies in the first place she was advised to spend half an hour in the hot tub and a well-steamed the organism.But it is clear from the explanation of, in this case we are talking about a hot bath, with water temperatures significantly increased.This bath can really bring the threat of spontaneous abortion and other violations of pregnancy, such as placental widening or abnormal development of the fetus.

Can pregnant bath

Nobody is forcing you to make the water in the bath so hot that it could hurt you.Warm comfortable as Vodicka, the approximate temperature of your body can be just as dangerous for pregnant women, but quite the contrary.Because you can completely fill the bathtub with water, with a temperature of about 36 degrees or below.

Taking a bath, pregnant women should take care of that in an apartment at this point necessarily someone was.In this case, if you suddenly feel unwell, you can always call for help

On the floor in the bathroom, it is desirable to put the rubber mat.This prevents you from being you suddenly slipped.

Being pregnant in the bath should be no more than 15-20 minutes.That will be quite enough for you were able to enjoy the treatments and relax tired muscles.If you suddenly feel displeasure or discomfort, simply stop just before the procedure.One of the undoubted advantages of your current state, it's just that you do not need yourself to anything forced.

Bath during pregnancy - this is not hygienic and relaxing treatment.Therefore, before taking her pregnant it is recommended to wash off the dirt and sweat under a warm shower.This, by the way, get rid of the risk of violation of the vaginal flora due to being in the water is not too clean.