Can pregnant women in a sauna ?Charges health

When you talk about a pregnant woman in the sauna, many puzzled shrug.Since it seems that these are two completely incompatible concepts.Meanwhile, if the approach to this issue properly and to take reasonable precautions that pregnant women sauna is not contraindicated, even on the contrary, it can help them prepare for future delivery.And for good reason, and dinner at the many peoples as a symbol of not only cleanliness, but also health.It was in the bath before the midwife took birth and helped to be born a new man.Let's see whether pregnant women in the sauna and how to prepare for a campaign to bring the only advantage?

The sauna can be useful for pregnant

Sauna helps to improve and strengthen the immune system of the body of the future mother, dry steam improves the blood supply of all organs, including the placenta, and this leads to the fact that the improved oxygen supply of the fetus thatis an excellent prevention of hypoxia developing baby

Sauna helps to maintain the elasticity and str

ength of blood vessels, it maintains its vitality and helps to prevent varicose veins, which are beginning to suffer many pregnant women.Simultaneously, a sauna helps to fight the appearance of stretch marks and prevents thrombosis.

The sauna relaxes the body, which means that the muscles relieves stress, increases their elasticity, strengthens the connective tissue.This training helps to significantly reduce or even avoid tearing during childbirth, reduced blood loss, and very generic process significantly easier.As the muscles of the chest is also well developed, there is a theory that the sauna helps to enhance milk production and supply it to the nipple.

Can pregnant women in a sauna?Of course it is possible, provided that there are no contraindications, complications of pregnancy, acute forms of some diseases, such as SARS or the manifestation of pregnancy hypertension.It should also go to the sauna in the first three months of pregnancy and in the last weeks of her.In all other cases, you can use the sauna at your leisure, observing, of course, precautions.

How to prepare for the sauna

First, be sure to consult with the attending physician in order to find out whether you have this some contraindications.

Second, be sure to use special tools or sprays that can help you to take care of a personal and intimate hygiene.Pregnant women should be especially careful not to catch some infectious disease.And, of course, before sitting in the steam room, having spread its own clean towel.

In order to protect the head and hair, put on a special fedora hat, and wear washable slippers on his feet.

Pay attention to the temperature in the sauna.Pregnant women should not overheat, so make sure that it does not rise above 850. But even at such temperatures, try not to stay in the steam room for longer than 10 minutes.In general the comfort of your own body will tell you.Of course, if you listen to it.For example, watching his pulse - beats its frequency must not be higher than 120.

Once you feel you've had enough, get out of steam and become a cool shower or go down into the cool water pool.This will help you to cool the body and to feel a surge of strength.

And do not forget, being in the sauna, drink plenty of fluids can be different - tea, juice, herbal infusion, decoction of hips - all this is perfect to enhance the sweating and clear the body of toxins.That cheerfulness, which gives a sauna, pregnant women, it would be extremely useful.