Can pregnant women do inhalations for colds

During pregnancy a woman is better does not get sick.Firstly, because, together with her mother and a child, and secondly, because pregnant women are left with funds to be treated.They are available almost all drugs, they can not put mustard, bathe, they can not be anything.Here, for example, inhalation.Let's talk about this widespread in everyday life vehicle treatment for colds and try to figure out whether it is possible to do inhalation pregnant?

All sorts of colds and viral diseases and are looking for the moment to attack our body.While immune protection remains in force, they often have to retreat.But pregnant women body is weakened because he has too much effort is spent on maintenance and child bearing.Therefore, even in those women whose pregnancy falls on the hottest time of the year, and then there is a runny nose or cough.In short, there is nothing easier than to catch a cold during this period.

But as all drugs for pregnant or are under complete prohibition, restriction or odes, we have t

o settle for what we can give people the means.

Lechimsya of colds folk remedies: inhalation

Inhalation colds moisturize the mucous membranes lining the respiratory tract, helping to depart sputum and make use of certain medicines more effective.Inhalation removed from the mucosal swelling and cropped inflammation, which leads to the relief of breath and cough.Can pregnant women do inhalation?In fact, inhaled something any harm you or your unborn baby will not bring another question, these are the tools that you use for inhalation.If you are using a special device for this procedure, keep in mind that unsafe drugs for pregnant women can be added for inhalation solution.Therefore, all the solutions and mixtures is only necessary to prepare yourself.

If you have any doubts about what to do with what can be inhaled, and what can not, be sure to consult with your attending physician, who knows exactly what can be used specifically in your state.

How do pregnant inhalation

time is long past when we have our grandmother planted in a chair in front of a pot of boiling water and covered his head with a thick towel.Pregnant women is best not to use this method, because this way you can easily get burned by hot steam, and the load on the cardiovascular system is large enough in this case.

Fortunately, today in pharmacies sold a large number of various models of special inhalers, which greatly simplified the process and made it absolutely secure.

All these devices can be divided into three groups:

They differ only by the process of creating water vapor.Thus, if the first type inhalers steam generated by heating, the compression used for this directed air flow, and ultrasonic water evaporation occurs by ultrasound.The second and third type of apparatus is not called inhalers and nebulizers.

Inhalation pregnant and not only can not be done at an elevated temperature.Duration of treatment should not exceed 10 minutes, and the composition of the temperature should be in the range 400C

most safe for pregnant women to do inhalation, based on the usual plain water, but if desired, and after consultation with the doctor, you can add to it a few drops of essential oil.Yet drugs for inhalation may appoint an expert only.