Can pregnant carbonated water or not

If a man is thirsty, it usually suggest in this case?Well, first of all, of course tea, then, instant coffee, mineral water - with gas or without gas, kvass - perhaps too carbonated, juice, soda water.And if it comes to a pregnant woman?What can she use of the above?Can pregnant carbonated water?Alas, but pregnant women are recommended to significantly reduce the proposed list, as some drinks they do not fit perfectly, while others can drink, but only in a limited volume significantly.

Which of beverages should be limited to pregnant women?

First of all, it is caffeinated drinks coffee.In addition, in the case of soluble coffee varieties, then it contains a significant number of different chemical additives, which, in fact, make the coffee - soluble.When a person drinks per day for more than 5 cups of beverage, it is possible to speak of drug addiction, as well as, for example, tobacco.

If the expectant mother allowed herself during child bearing is constantly consume coffee, then we can expect that

the baby will be born with the already established dependency on caffeine.

This does not mean that you should completely renounce the use of drink.You just need to drink no more than 1 cup of coffee a day, and even then, it is desirable, not regularly, but, for example, to raise the lower the pressure.Well, or if you want it very much.

Incidentally, strong tea also contains a significant amount of caffeine, only few people know about it.Therefore, pregnant women are recommended strongly dilute the tea before drinking.This fully applies to the green tea, which is a fortress, and the content of caffeine in it does not yield to the black.On the other hand, green tea contains a lot and all sorts of nutrients, minerals and bioflavonoids.Therefore, if you can not drink very weak black tea, prefer green.

Note that pregnant women should reduce in your daily diet and the use of such "children's" drink cocoa.Firstly, cocoa, from which chocolate is made, a potent natural allergen.Secondly, cocoa, chocolate and the like, may cause in pregnant headaches.And, thirdly, cocoa stimulates the removal of calcium from the body, and in pregnant women observed frequent deficiency of this valuable trace elements.

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