Can pregnant valerian , and when it is used

seems, well, what could be more harmless these little yellow tabletochek in a transparent bottle?Many people do not take valerian seriously, often not even considering it for medicine.Many, but not pregnant women, who are accustomed to gloomy suspicious of all pharmacy preparations.Here and there they have the legitimate question whether pregnant women to take even such a harmless and familiar valerian will not hurt if it somehow inexplicably future baby?And, in general, these fears are not entirely unfounded.Can pregnant valerian and how to take it?

What is Valerian

Valerian or, in the ordinary vernacular, Valerian, this particular herb decoction, tincture and extract which has a soothing effect.Generally, it is sold in drugstores in three forms.Firstly, it is - already mentioned yellow tabletochki made on the basis of valerian extract.Secondly, it is an alcohol tincture of valerian root, and, thirdly, it is the very root, dried and packed on bags, of which at home you can prepare a soothing broth.

Valerian tincture, most doctors recommend that pregnant women not to eat, because it is prepared on alcohol and alcohol are known to expectant mothers is contraindicated.But, on the other hand, since Valerian tincture used in miniscule quantities, even it will not do you any harm.Nevertheless, the choice you have is still there, and you can always take advantage of the tablet form of valerian, or prepare a decoction of its roots.

Can pregnant valerian

As Valerian, in its essence, is not a toxic agent, it is during pregnancy drugs based on it are the most secure.However, like other drugs, Valerian must be prescribed by the attending physician, and only if this really need eating.As a rule, prescribed valerian bundled with other means, as an emerging issue should not only calm but also properly treated.

Valerian is used in the early stages of pregnancy in the treatment of threatened miscarriage, or in the second half of pregnancy to treat preeclampsia.To Valerian had a positive impact, it is useless to use it once.This drug is gradually accumulated in the human body and as it accumulates begins to exert a therapeutic effect, for example, removing the tone of the uterus, or solving a problem with a regular rising pressure in pregnant women.

Of course, if you're too nervous for any occasion, you can take a couple of pills valerian to calm down, but as the effects of the drug during its one-time reception is too weak, this method of dealing with get up to mischief nerves is more psychological than medication.

How can pregnant women take valerian

valerian root pour boiling water at the rate of 20 g per 1 glass of water, boil for about 10 minutes, then cooled and filtered.Do not forget to properly overcome the root, and then bring the volume of the resulting liquid to the initial quantity of - 250 mL.Take half an hour after a meal and 1 tablespoon 3 times a day.