Can pregnant women knit ?Truth and lies about omens

On the topic of what can be done during pregnancy, and what can not be done in any case, it has been said already a lot. Let's somehow try to understand all this diversity of people's perceptions and superstitions and understand what exactly should be taken into account from what they treat us, and what can only be laughed at. Well, let's start, as they say, from the very beginning. For example, is it possible to knit pregnant women?

Is it possible to be pregnant with a computer?

Of course, you probably heard, and more than once, that you can not, but by the way, sit. And the fact that the radiation that comes from the screen of the monitor, in no time useful it is not called, it seems clear and without unnecessary explanations. So we can record this sign perfectly calmly into our asset and follow it as often as possible. By the way. The above applies not only to a computer, but also to an ordinary TV.It also emits radiation. And from a mobile phone, and almost from any of the household ap


To tell the truth, that for a long time to sit at a computer is harmful not only to pregnant women, but also quite ordinary people. Where it is more useful to walk in the fresh air.

Useful or harmful for the fetal ultrasound that is made pregnant by

Every pregnant woman should perform ultrasound of the fetus, at least three times during the entire pregnancy. The old-schooled midwives adhere to the previous view of this question and believe that once again doing ultrasound does not even need anything, since this device also emits radiation, even ultrasound. Modern specialists, however, assure that the ultrasound can not cause any harm. As you can see, opinions polarly diverge, therefore, in order not to risk once again, we will perform only those ultrasounds that are laid. And in order to specifically find out who you will have, boy or girl, go for ultrasound, apparently, should not.

Is it possible to conceive pregnant women

There is a steady and unconfirmed opinion that if the future mother will knit or embroider, in general, perform any work related to long threads, this will lead to the fact that the umbilical cord will certainly get tangled or wrapped around the neck of the futurethe baby.

Of course, many moms will be able to attest to the fact that this is complete nonsense, which is absolutely not worth your attention. After all, there is no greater pleasure than to tie a hat or pinets with your own hands to the future. Therefore, pregnant women can not only knit, but even extremely useful, because the good and good mood with which you will prepare an outfit for your baby will necessarily pass to him and the baby will be able to feel the depth of your love and tenderness.

Can pregnant women hang up washed clothes on the ropes

But this sign has a completely logical explanation. Indeed, pregnant women should not do this, as well as raise their hands in general. The thing is that this can lead to a strong tension of the peritoneum, a rarefaction effect will be created. And all this can cause the uterus to tone, which is highly undesirable, especially in the first and last weeks of pregnancy. So be careful and ask to hang someone else's underwear.

By the way, please note that next to this ban there is one more: pregnant women can not stand on tiptoe and reach up. We hope you have already understood why.

A newborn baby can not be shown to strangers or just to strangers until it turns 40 days

This ban also has a right to exist. In fact, just do not take the child out into the big world until he is at least 1 month old. The fact is that the microflora of the newborn is still very vulnerable, and its immunity is too weak to fully confront pathogens, and even foreign bacteria. So do not break it unless absolutely necessary.