Can pregnant women in the church to go to work

Perhaps the pregnancy is the period with which the greatest number of all kinds of signs, taboos and superstitions.And if some of them really are without some justification, that the vast majority are pure nonsense.Well, why would it have been pregnant can not go to church?No, no, yes, and will come up in any conversation or forum this judgment.Meanwhile, pregnant women to go to church is not only possible but even necessary.Can pregnant women in the church?

pregnant woman and church

course, just say now, from growing roots of the beliefs is hardly possible to say for sure.Does that make any assumptions.As a rule, the most active this myth spread by older women in the family or in the street.And the thing is that a pregnant woman on the popular belief have to hide from the prying eyes of idle, and not only all the pregnancy, but some time after birth.It was connected with the fact that feared the evil eye or damage that could bring bad people.Well, except that it was not more than during a total lac

k of medicine, so pregnant and guarded from all kinds of infectious diseases that could have been killed, not only it, but also the unborn child.That's forbidden to pregnant women attending public places where many people flocked.Of course, such places include the church.

There is another possible cause.To defend the church service from start to finish is very difficult, and the common man, and not that of a pregnant woman.Toxicosis, edemas, all kinds of pain like back pain or lower back and in the abdomen or head - but you never know the pregnant woman may be suffering from any ailments?So why expose her to this ordeal, which, moreover, may sadly end?It is better to her to stay at home, warm and at rest.

In our time there was a mixture of the two concepts and you can often hear that pregnant women can not go to church as well as women during menstruation.But, firstly, even during menstruation a woman to go to church is still possible - can not only partake and be applied to the icons.And secondly, it is absolutely different things and the expectant mother is not considered "unclean", quite the contrary, it is believed that stretched over her invisible God's blessing.

Can pregnant women in the church