Can pregnant women in the movie , and how to prepare it

Pregnancy makes a woman especially cautious and what other people may seem silly uniform, sometimes takes the utmost importance to her.However, pregnancy is not a disease, it's just one of the varieties of the norm.Many expectant mothers willing to continue to lead an active life, trying not particularly impair or limit yourself.In particular, they are, as before regularly go to the cinema, claiming that such trips help them positively charged.

But there are opponents of this view, claiming that pregnant women go to the cinema is contraindicated because Dolby sound and various sound effects can affect unborn babies only negative, and even frighten possible hearing impairment.So which of these statements is true, and has the right to exist?Can pregnant women in the movies?

Should pregnant women to go to public places

As soon as you come to the antenatal clinic to be registered, be sure to warn you that your life is now to change significantly.This means that all your actions and thoughts with the th

oughts of the day should be sent out to make a healthy and prosperous child.And if the question seems moot to you, it is likely that in this case it is best to play it safe.For example, it is clear that if there's going to a lot of people, there is much easier to pick up the disease transmitted by airborne droplets, so that the public places at times increases the likelihood of ill, such as influenza or SARS.This - in the best case.And what can we say about such catastrophic diseases for pregnant women, such as rubella?

In addition, we should not forget the fact that expectant mothers are usually considerably weakened immune defense of the body and is the infection that would be harmless to normal women, can lead to serious consequences for both the pregnant woman, and forfetus.

But the notorious Dolby sound, just not for the unborn child is not the slightest danger.

Can pregnant women in film

If you are, no matter what, you want to see some sort of a new movie, first of all, you need to thoroughly prepare for such an exit.First of all, take care of its own defense.In particular, apply oxolinic ointment on the mucous membrane of the nose inner surface.Of course, it can not fully protect you from infection, but, at least, make you just a little more invulnerable.

Dress to you was the most convenient.Do not wear heels - they are generally contraindicated in pregnant women.Clothing should be such that you can sit quietly for several hours.Shoes on arrival in the room is better to reduce or even remove, and from time to time to perform some exercises to stop to avoid the stagnation of blood in the veins.

Select a movie that will give you only positive emotions.Forget about horror movies or thrillers, because all the feelings that you will experience while watching a movie, and experience with you and your child.After all, you do not want to frighten him, right?Besides, the nervous system of pregnant and so extremely weakened, and those fears that you will easily be moved in the normal state, can now easily plunge you into shock and tears.So, apparently, tearful melodrama too, will not be the best choice.

And if, despite all the precautions, you still feel not the best way, it is not necessary to persuade a little patience.It would be better if you just leave early.