Can pregnant in the solarium, and why you should not

Of course, all of you have heard the phrase, it looks good, tanned, rested, and shines with health.Meanwhile, a tan is not a synonym for good health, it is not surprising.Of course, under the influence of sunlight, the skin begins to actively produce vitamin D. But the excess UV can harm not only the skin, but also to all health in general.Indeed, such a beautiful bronze tan or chocolate, it nothing more than a way to protect the skin from harmful UV rays and if it becomes permanent, for example, if you regularly visit a solarium, the whole damage, eventually added up.And especially should take care of oneself to pregnant women, because in this case we are not talking only about them but about their future child.Can pregnant in the solarium?

Useful if pregnant tan

If a pregnant woman does not hide from the sun, instead of health and beauty, they can bring her nothing but trouble.

For example, all of you probably know that in the body of the future mother significantly increases levels of the hormon

e estrogen.Under the influence of the hormone in combination with sunlight in pregnant facial characteristic pigment spots occur which are well known as "pregnant mask".These spots are concentrated mainly in the area of ​​the nose and forehead, and they usually disappear soon after the baby is born.But it happens, and so that they remain on the face for much longer, and sometimes - and for life.In order to get rid of them may subsequently require special cosmetic procedure.

In addition, overheating of the body of a pregnant woman obviously does not benefit the fetus.After all, its temperature also rises at the same time and if the process is not too long, there is nothing terrible happens.But if such a state becomes a regular and long-term, then eventually it may even lead to pathological changes in the brains of the future baby.

UV rays penetrating the mother's body, lead to a reduction in folic acid blood.Accordingly, the same happens in the body of the child.This process is in the early stages of pregnancy can lead to the fact that the child will be damaged nervous system, such as may occur splitting vertebrae or will its other malformations.

Can pregnant in the solarium

All this fully applies not only to natural sunlight, but also to visit pregnant solarium.Lead tan in the solarium comes under the influence of the same harmful UV radiation to the skin, only generated artificially.The only advantage of the sun is that in the solarium there is less risk of overheating of the body, rather than under direct sunlight on a beach.However, this does not exclude other problems.

If you are an ardent supporter of chocolate Sun, at least avoid the solarium in the first trimester of pregnancy, when there is a bookmark of the nervous system of the future baby.But keep in mind that the full study on how affects stay in the solarium on the body of a child, yet no one had carried out, and even experts are not always available to answer the question of whether pregnant women to visit a solarium.Therefore, it would be better to comply with reasonable care.

If you do not want too "pale look" against the background of his returning from summer holidays girlfriends, then maybe you should choose to stay in the tanning bed cream or spray tanning?In the end, the future health of the child is much more important.