Can pregnant birch sap ?Of course you can

spring many birch trees can be seen tied cans - it was time to birch sap.It is a natural natural remedy helps to cope well with vitamin deficiency, strengthen the body after the winter, to prevent the occurrence of colds and other diseases, it is quite normal for this season.Of course, pregnant women such strengthening also would not hurt, but is it possible to use the birch drink expectant mothers?Not whether it contains any harmful substances originated life, whether it is dangerous for a growing fetus?Can pregnant birch sap?

Chemical components of birch sap

In this kind of natural completely colorless and a shabby-looking fluid found just incredible for its wealth of vitamins set, volatile, organic acids and carbohydrates.Here are the various tannins, fruit sugars, essential oils, saponins, betulol, all kinds of minerals: magnesium, calcium, potassium, copper, manganese, sodium.Even hard to say what can be compared to birch sap by the composition, which he has - a true elixir of life.

Birch sap can be no doubt consider the unique health pantry, in this case - quite tasty and refreshing pantry.Furthermore, since birch sap contains virtually no calories, it can be safely incorporated into various medical diets.

Can pregnant birch sap

Moms is not only possible, but even strongly recommended to use this incredibly useful drink, which is able to provide them with the body almost all the necessary substances for him.And best of all - birch juice helps to cope with toxemia pregnant, suffered by many women in this position.Drink it can be virtually unlimited quantities, toxemia retreats and hardly bothers pregnant.

Birch juice normalizes blood pressure in pregnant women, and it does not matter it is high or low you.Living Water, which gives you birch, helps adjust the desired and for this you do not need any medication.You only drink a few glasses of this amazing drink daily.

Quite often, pregnant women, especially in the second half of pregnancy, suffer from the occurrence of edema.Birch juice helps to remove excess fluid from the body, because it is a natural diuretic.And, therefore, it helps to cope with the swelling.

Please note that there are cases where a birch juice is contraindicated in pregnant women.This happens if you have an idiosyncrasy of birch pollen, and therefore you have to give up this unique drink in its properties.

How to extract birch sap

Start collecting birch sap falls on the period when the trees begin to swell the kidney.Right now, the tree begins to actively allocate birch sap.collection period lasts up until the first birch earrings.

most useful and delicious is the sap, which is collected with old birch.This juice contains the highest number of useful for pregnant women, and not just agents.To collect the sap in the tree trunk with a knife drill hole of a small diameter and no more than 3 centimeters deep.Giving it a slight tilt and insert a plastic tube of suitable diameter, its second end is lowered into a container to collect the juice.

To prevent damage to the tree, it is recommended not to collect from one more than 1 liter of juice, then opened braid must be carefully resealed small piece of moss.The use of birch sap pregnant helps them maintain the necessary strength and good health of the whole child waiting period.