Can pregnant women in the pool.Water aerobics for pregnant women

clear that for pregnant women the main priority is the safety and health of a child.And how to be if you really want to go to the pool and a bit of a swim at your leisure?Can I do it, because there is a large number of people in the pool, and it is clear that a doctor's certificate can show not everyone.Meanwhile, there are already more than 30 program of special classes for pregnant women in the pool, which allows them to perfectly prepare for the upcoming birth.But it is better to know for sure whether it is possible for pregnant women in the pool?

Can pregnant in the pool?

If you are in doubt about whether or not to use the pool during pregnancy, visit sometime by the end of training for a group of aqua-aerobics for pregnant women.Notice how your eyes shine in women who have come out of the water.They glow and awareness of her own beauty and strength, of course, health.

pool will help pregnant women can forget about how a few months ago their own weight, they will again be light and mobile.Expect

ant mothers get rid of the usual back pain who are familiar absolute majority of pregnant women, water relaxes tired muscles, facilitates movement and reduces swelling.

your body is too tired and he needs from time to time to give an opportunity to relax.A lesson in the pool are precisely such an opportunity.

Things to do in the pool for pregnant

As you can see, the answer to the question of whether pregnant swimming pool, is certainly positive.By the way, regularly updated chlorinated water kills everything pathogenic microbes.So in this respect, you can be absolutely quiet.But some studies give preference to being in the water?

First of all, it is, of course, swimming.When you get tired of swimming to the side of the rim, you can just lie down on the water on his back, his arms and legs, feeling and remembering the feeling of complete relaxation.This memory will help you relax after clashes between periods.

Incidentally, sailing and promises you another nice bonus.Doctors have long noticed that if a pregnant woman regularly swim in the pool, it has largely improved lactation.Apparently, this is due to increased blood supply to the muscles of the chest.

Another very pleasant experience that pregnant women can do in the pool - this is diving.Immerse yourself in the water with the head and imagine yourself baby that is growing inside of you, feel its condition.After all, he, too, is always surrounded by a soft and gentle water.

order to best approach this feeling, slightly bend your knees and clasp hands.This is exactly the position that best resembles fetal position.At the same time you will be able to practice holding your breath, and it will help you to act when attempts to start.By the way, the kid and myself along with you, too, learns at this time to limit yourself to oxygen.This will help him to avoid hypoxia, when it will move through the birth canal.

water aerobics classes for pregnant

You can sign up for water aerobics classes in a special group.Can you deal with yourself because nothing difficult in such exercises there.After all, you now do not need to exhaust your body, trying to bring the figure in order.You only need to prepare the muscles for the future process of childbirth.And this is a bit like in the water, ran it, lifting the knees higher, work on strides feet and hands.

Once your muscles are well warmed up, do a few stretching exercises - they are very useful for pregnant women.A swimming pool and water will help make ligaments more elastic.