Can pregnant or non-alcoholic beer is better to refrain

Pregnancy often changes our tastes and preferences, as we recently could not even think.So, for example, a woman during pregnancy shows.What does she want fatally beer that they drink in the cafe at the next table.Well, no, it is clear that alcohol use can not be pregnant ... Well, if it's beer - non-alcoholic?Can pregnant non-alcoholic beer?After all, as the name implies, alcohol in this beer is not contained.

Why beer - nonalcoholic

Do you know how beer is made?Malt yeast and fermented and converted into a weak beverage containing ethyl alcohol, malt sugar which turns.But how does this alcoholic beer is then converted into the alcohol-free?

Depending on the technology for this purpose there are different options.Sometimes, just make beer without alcohol content using a special type of yeast.Fermentation with only occurs as long as the alcohol content of the beer remains minimal.In other industries, after the beer is ready, it is subjected to a special heat treatment process in which an alcohol is

evaporated from it simply.Of course, such a beer taste varies considerably and the best, however it is added in various flavors and flavor additives for improvement.

Can pregnant nonalcoholic beer

Oddly enough, a clear answer to this question is still not there.Even the experts have different views, resulting in equally argued as the "pros" and "cons" of such use.Indeed, beer contains large amounts of vitamins and other nutrients.On the other hand, absolutely non-alcoholic beer is simply not the case, and even the weakest necessarily contains at least 0.5% ethanol.

Definitely we can say only one thing.If you so irresistibly want to drink a glass of beer, then drink.Otherwise, obsessive thoughts about it will haunt you all the time, and it can not affect your psycho-emotional state, and the most negative way.Of course, this is often not necessary to do, so, most likely, too often you want it and never will.Well, one glass once a week, you certainly will not hurt.

However, there are some limitations.Do not drink canned beer - it is better to use something that is bottled.It contains significantly fewer preservatives.Be sure to use pay attention to the drink and give preference to that which contains the least amount of alcohol and only natural ingredients.

When pregnant women should not use beer, even nonalcoholic

If you carefully study the composition of beer specified on its label, will find there a large number of artificial additives or of unknown origin additives, that pregnant women should definitely from the use of this beverage to give.The poses of such beer for sure there will be no, but the harm it can bring a lot of the expectant mother.Preservatives can cause a pregnant woman just an allergic reaction, which is not the best way affects and on the condition of your baby.

Do not use even non-alcoholic beer, and if you have during pregnancy or until it had problems with kidney function.Keep in mind that during your pregnancy so they work with the double load.If you notice that after the use of beer you appear edema, disturbed heart rhythm, or deteriorating health, it is obvious that this drink, definitely not for you.