Can pregnant women go to the bath

It is believed that pregnant women should not take very hot baths and in general somehow overheat your body, in order not to provoke a miscarriage.But what about the Russian bath or sauna?After all, as you know, in the old days in Russia, pregnant women always went to the bath, and often they took birth midwife grandmother too was in the bath.Is not there some contradiction and whether pregnant women in the bath?

Oddly enough, if you ask your gynecologist, then most likely, you will get a positive response.

Every year on 31 December.

Why do people go to the bath, if they have a private home?It would seem a legitimate question, but it can only set the type of person who has never been in a real Russian bath.Sauna - is not just a process of bathing in the bath clean people not only the body but also the soul.Steam helps to wash away all the superficial and superfluous, to forget about their problems and get real pleasure from the process.

Bath broom helps accelerate the flow of energy through the bod

y, to reveal those areas where it was formed stagnation and redirect it in the right direction.Rubbing in the bath the skin with salt, we open its pores, and saturating honey - heals her and rejuvenates, smoothes wrinkles and fill radiance

shipped after steam in the cool of the pool, we are helping to strengthen all the forces of the body and exit neg completely ready for new challenges.So really the same room could somehow damage to pregnant women?

Can pregnant women in bath

Studies show that the bath not only is not contraindicated during pregnancy, and even vice versa is very useful.Russian bath helps the better development of the respiratory and circulatory system, which means that it enriches the blood with oxygen, the placenta nourishes it and prevents intrauterine fetal hypoxia.If a pregnant

visits bath, it is much less observed preeclampsia - late toxicosis, sauna is an excellent prevention of uterine tone.If you experience any skin reactions, such as rash or dermatitis, after the pair, these displays can be significantly reduced or even disappear altogether.

Banja pregnant helps strengthen the immune system to cope with colds, SARS, influenza.If you regularly visit a bath, you need fewer analgesics or other pain medication because the pain you much less tortured.The fact is that under the influence of a pair of ligaments and muscles get a special elasticity, removed vasospasm, relaxes the nervous system.

Rules of Conduct in the bath for pregnant