Can pregnant women drink and in what quantities

Alcohol, which we used to eat, contain ethyl alcohol, also called ethanol.As numerous studies have not been able to identify a direct relationship between alcohol, which uses man and pathological changes in the body of the unborn child.But in regard to the mother - whether pregnant alcohol?Alas, this is not so simple.

Alcohol and Pregnancy - Why it's dangerous

fact that alcohol is a toxin that blood enters the body of your unborn baby.Think about how you can be bad on the morning after excessive alcohol consumption.This happens precisely because of poisoning with ethanol.Now imagine that all this has to drink the child who is developing within you.At the same time it is still not a complete body cleansing system that works with you, which means that the effects of alcohol on his body are much stronger.

But that's not all.If you drink alcohol in early pregnancy, when there is a bookmark major systems and organs of the fetus, this means that a failure may occur irreversible and the baby will begin to

develop initially with pathologies.For example, drinking mother leads to the development of congenital malformations, mental abnormalities and abnormalities in the structure of the nervous system.

Drinking alcohol a pregnant woman can cause a baby to be born with a strong underweight and facial anomalies.He will keep on their peers in mental and physical development."Children of alcohol" suffer behavioral and neurological disorders, and the like fetal alcohol syndrome can not be cured completely.

Are there safe levels of alcohol for pregnant

Well, as you can see, the question of whether pregnant women drink, we have responded.But maybe all this is only the case if you take alcohol in large quantities, and if the expectant mother will allow yourself some "safe" amount of alcohol, it is nothing, and will not be?

must say that the consensus among experts on this issue no.Gynecologists say that there is no confirmed data that one or two servings of alcohol a week can bring serious harm to the unborn child.If you look closely at the bottle, make sure you see on it an indication of how many servings it contains alcohol.One serving - this is the amount of alcohol.In which the 10 ml of pure ethanol.Thus, one portion of the alcohol contained in 25 ml of vodka or other strong drink, beer, 250 ml, 100 ml of wine.Of course, these figures are quite approximate, in fact, and beer and wine can be of varying strength.So, in a glass of wine, which is served to you in a bar or restaurant, can contain about three servings of alcohol.Everything will depend on how strong it is.

But is it worth such a risk, knowing that you can cause irreversible harm to a defenseless child?Even if you and said that, in small doses, alcohol can allegedly pregnant.

If you do not know that pregnant

not always couples planning a pregnancy in advance and often a woman discovers that she is my mother after a few days delay.It happens so that all the first week of the term pregnant continued to consume alcohol in certain quantities.What to do in this case, because, as you know, alcohol is the most dangerous in the first trimester of pregnancy?

It is important that you have abandoned its use as soon as you find out about her pregnancy.Alcohol, of course, increases the chance of the patient's birth, but it is not necessary.So do not panic ahead of time, and it is better to start to pay more attention to their health.