Can pregnant run?So it really is not compatible ?

Healthy lifestyle and jogging are increasingly replacing the usual cup of coffee.On the other hand the pregnancy for a woman is the period when she was very much becomes impossible.Can pregnant women continue to run in the morning, or this too is prohibited for her?In this regard, the key word is - to continue.

Can pregnant run

In that case, when running in the morning is familiar to you the way of life, or did you do before pregnancy, active sport, then in any case should not abruptly stop exercising.This does not affect the best way not only to your physical condition, but also on the psycho-emotional background.Speak with a doctor in the antenatal clinic and identify with it, what kind of burden for you will be the most secure.

Continuing jogging, do not forget to control your breathing and heart rate, from time to time to go running on the active walking and, of course, watch your health.If you have any nagging pains in the lower abdomen, or bloody discharge nature - immediately stop all sorts

of sports training and consult a doctor.But if you have pain in the back, it is an occasion to wear a special bandage.

If you have not engaged in sports

Can pregnant women to run in the event that prior to that, they were not engaged in any sport, any regular run in the morning?But in this case, doctors do not recommend to increase in this period of physical activity.Pregnancy is not a time when your body will forgive such experiments on themselves.The fact is that running leads to vibration of the internal organs, and this may adversely affect the uterus and lead it in the tone of the state.

Undesirable are jogging and untrained cardiovascular system.She's now experiencing increased load, since added another circle circulation.And while running the pelvic blood supply is insufficient, because too much blood rushes at this point to the muscles.Insufficient supply of the pelvic blood can lead to the fact that the fetus will experience oxygen starvation.

Bundles of pregnant women during pregnancy are more flexible and elastic.The thing is that the body gradually prepares them for future delivery.This means that untrained joints can be easily damaged during the run.Pregnant women are generally better not to make any sudden movements.And if you want to do some kind of sport, it is best to choose some more smooth and leisurely activity, such as swimming or yoga.

If you can not run

But even trained women should stop running, since the second half of pregnancy, because at that time the abdomen is already considerably increased in size.A woman becomes more difficult to control your movement and balance due to the shift of the center of gravity and, therefore, dramatically increases the risk of injury or falling.

If you want to continue to lead an active life, go on walking, more often in parks, in the fresh air, away from industrial areas and highways.And, of course, do not forget to have regular check-ups by a doctor, in order to be absolutely sure that you can maintain a regime of active movement.The fact that in some cases, for example, with the threat of a miscarriage or malpresentation pregnant impossible not only to run, and even walk quickly.All your attention should be paid only now unborn child.