Can I be pregnant on the cross or to go to church

Recently some rare family do without in order not to get married in a church or not to baptize the child in the same place.But in reality, few people well versed in ecclesiastical foundations and rules.For example, did you know that whether a pregnant woman to go to church to get married or to be the godmother of the child, if it is invited to hold this ceremony in the Church?Somehow, there is a strong belief that moms can not do nothing of the pregnancy and in general and the Church - is incompatible concepts.Meanwhile, this is not the case.see if you can be pregnant on the cross?

Can pregnant women go to church

If you go to the priest and ask him this question, he responsibly tell you that there are no restrictions on visiting the Temple of the pregnant woman.Moreover, a pregnant woman is considered to some extent almost holy - because she wears a heart sinless child, which is nothing but a divine blessing.That's why pregnant in the Church enjoys a special location.

But the woman herself, from th

e point of view of the Church should be regularly thank God for the miracle, which he gave her.After all, a child of God is a special location.Each temple is bound to have icons that are designed specifically for pregnant women.First and foremost, of course, is the icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary, then this image of Our Lady Help of in childbirth.If you are plagued by any fears or doubts, if you have any trouble, you can refer to the image of Soothe my sorrow, or if you want to persuade someone on your side, you can help Icon Softener of Evil Hearts.

strongly recommended that pregnant women often confession and communion.This will benefit not only of the pregnant woman, but it is an unborn baby.If you really believe in God, and not just go to church because it is so fashionable, your faith will give you strength and tranquility.You will be able to preserve their own health and care for the health of your baby.

went from a belief that pregnant women can not attend church?It is difficult to say exactly.On this account, there are several versions.One of them is that the future mother has long tried to hide from prying evil eye fear that it will induce damage or even somehow hurt her.That's not allowed in pregnant family to go to church, where the going so many different people.Maybe the point is that there was some confusion - because women are not allowed to enter the temple during menstruation.But the pregnancy - is another matter entirely.

Can I be pregnant godmother

Here's another example of a rather strange superstition.For some reason, some people believe that pregnant women can not be the godmother.This is also not true.If you have this honor, that by the Church is no obstacle to this is not there.Another issue that you must decide whether you will be able to cope with the responsibilities that you impose this responsibility is not easy.After all, you are the mother's godmother home to God.This means that you should not make any difference between your godson and your first child and give them quite the same attention.In addition, the sacrament of baptism, the ceremony itself - it is not such a quick thing, and you just might be physically hard to survive in the church about an hour, until it is, to keep the child in the hands and do everything that you may need at the ceremony.Thus, pregnant women can be the godmother, if they feel healthy and strong enough to do so.