Can pregnant activated carbon with bloating

If you try to make a rating of the most useful and safe medications at the same time, the activated carbon, obviously there could take the uppermost row.These black pills should be present in every home medicine cabinet, as they can provide you with great assistance when a number of states.

But there is a time when a woman with special attention and trepidation about their health and the medications she takes.And this period - pregnancy.Can pregnant women take at least and a safe drug as activated charcoal?

digestive problems in pregnant

It is known that pregnant women often suffer from various problems associated with the digestive system.What causes this and how to fight it?The fact is that during pregnancy, the female body begins to produce a large amount of progesterone which inhibits uterine muscle tone and maintains it in a relaxed state.But, unfortunately, the effects of progesterone is not limited to the muscles of the uterus, it extends its impact on the organs that are in the immediate ne

ighborhood - namely, stomach, pancreas and intestines, that is, the digestive organs.That is why heartburn or constipation are for expectant mothers so commonplace.And they bring with them such unpleasant consequences as cramps, bloating, flatulence.

Can pregnant activated carbon to take

If you want to manage with the help of activated carbon with bloating, it is likely he will be in this case useless.Activated charcoal absorbs in the body are harmful substances, and withdrawal, as well as heartburn and flatulence in pregnant women caused quite other reasons, the activated charcoal is completely innocent.On the other hand, activated carbon does not distinguish between harmful substances and healthy, which means that he will lead from the body is just that now it may be necessary.In addition, you need to understand the fact that constipation take activated carbon and does contraindicated, since it contributes to their emergence.

Therefore, before taking activated charcoal, you should consult a doctor.Usually this means is assigned if a pregnant torments diarrhea.Then perhaps you will indeed be prescribed a short course of activated charcoal, followed by restoration of the natural intestinal microflora using probiotics reception.

Can pregnant activated carbon - danger

clear that pregnant women with particular wary of the drugs that were prescribed for fear of harm to the unborn baby.But against it can be perfectly calm activated carbon.

fact, it means absolutely not absorbed into the bloodstream.Quite the contrary, it absorbs all the toxins and other active substances that are in your body.Thus, activated carbon can not in any way to get your child, and, consequently, no influence on it - neither bad nor good, he also can not provide.

This tool is really quite safe for your unborn baby.It also does not irritate the stomach lining and is completely eliminated from your body within 6-8 hours from the time you have taken this pill.Thus, we can definitely say that pregnant women may be activated carbon.But - is it necessary?