What sports can be practiced for pregnant women and why it is needed

Sport and pregnancy - it seems that these concepts are incompatible.Well, really - what kind of sport can be a speech if front of you - a pregnant woman?At the same time, lack of exercise and lack during pregnancy can lead, on the one hand, excessive weight gain and future mother many important weakening muscles, and on the other hand - to hypoxia in the fetus.After all, the more active a woman moves, the faster it moves blood through the blood vessels, and therefore - improving the supply of organs of oxygen.

Doctors unequivocally say that pregnant women engage in sports is not only possible but even necessary.Another question - what sports.Here let us discuss this in more detail as possible.What sports can be practiced pregnant?

If you pre-pregnancy is not engaged in sports

Pochemu-to some believe that the pregnancy - is something akin to serious illness, for which you need to follow a strict diet and specific as possible - bed rest, so that God forbid,nothing happened.Meanwhile, the pregnancy -

is a great opportunity for women to reconsider their habitual way of life and even play sports, if before it has not yet had time to do it.Not for the development of the unborn child, or his growth or any other indicators will not be affected.Of course, before embarking on some classes, you need to consult your attending physician in order to find out whether you have any contraindications.

Regular exercise and physical training help significantly increase the possibility of your body physically stabilize the emotional background and make it more sustainable.It improves the functioning of all body systems, such as - cardiovascular and nervous, and also - of the respiratory system and digestive system.And finally, exercise greatly improves metabolism, which means that your baby will get more oxygen and essential "building material" for its development.

Sport activities help strengthen the muscular system and the spine, which means that you will be much easier to carry your current state.And, moreover, trained muscles will help you quickly recover your figure after giving birth.

What sports can be practiced pregnant