Can pregnant women quit smoking and why it needs to be done

Although it seems that the harm cigarettes especially during pregnancy, it is now no doubt, there still exists a common belief that dramatically quit smoking during pregnancy should not be, and should be, on the contrary, do it slowly and gradually.What is most surprising, from this point of view is a lot of supporters, even among physicians, although they too, it would seem, should be more than anyone else is known about the harm smoking causes to pregnant women and their unborn child.Nicotine, all kinds of harmful resins and other components, which are part of tobacco with each puff into the blood of a pregnant woman, and with her and the fetus.To what extent will be impressed by his body depends mainly on what the number of cigarettes smoked per day, the expectant mother.And it does not depend on the price of cigarettes, not on their quality.And the most expensive and the cheapest cigarettes - is poison to your baby.But let's find out whether it is possible for pregnant women to quit smoking abruptly?

Why a woman should give up smoking

It is known that family planning is still in our infancy, and the vast majority of pregnancies is random.In other words, the majority of expectant mothers for some time did not even know about their interesting position and continues to smoke a cigarette just in the first few weeks of pregnancy, at a time when they begin to be laid organs and systems of the future baby.The worst thing is that at this time is not yet completely natural protection of the unborn child - the placenta, a tiny little lump is completely defenseless against the poison that poisons his dearest person for him.Therefore, it is in the first weeks of the fetus and causes the most damage.Under the influence of cigarette smoke he begin to form all kinds of congenital diseases, ranging from cardiovascular and bone finishing systems.

However, the fact that smoking is the most dangerous to pregnant women to the fetus in the first trimester, does not mean that in the second or third trimester, you can smoke without fear.If a pregnant woman smokes during this time, the matter may end even detachment of the placenta and premature birth.In newborns of smoking mothers often suffer from underweight.Every time you tighten a cigarette, your baby begins anoxia, up to asphyxia.

And do not listen to those women who claim that their smoking is not in any way impact on child health.The effects of smoking pregnant women may be delayed or even in the first year of life, and much later, for example, when he goes to school and studies will be given to him harder than his classmates.Or, the child may be a problem with the nervous excitability, with poor retention of information.And then, your girlfriends might just get lucky, and you all might be much worse.

Can pregnant women quit smoking

As you can see, the issue is completely different.Pregnant women are not only possible, but be sure to quit smoking.A statement which firmly stuck in the minds of women smokers that stress the fact that they quit smoking during pregnancy would be to their bodies and, ultimately, for the child, it is much more of a problem is nothing more than a myth.This myth is intended to justify their reluctance to part with a cigarette, despite the harm they can cause your future baby.Quit smoking right now, because the sooner you do, the more your child will be healthy.And in order for you to cope with this problem, there is a sufficient number of different techniques that you can pick up on the recommendation of the attending physician.