Can pregnant balm asterisk .Use caution

balm asterisk or as it is properly called - Vietnamese balm "Golden Star" uzhu long and firmly settled in many home medicine cabinet.It is used for colds, in many types of rashes, various forms of pain, and even when a variety of ailments, which are not even aware that the drafters of the balsam.In general, it has become almost as familiar as the baby cream for us.But when a woman is expecting a baby, it inevitably becomes cautious when using many of even the most familiar tools.Can pregnant balm asterisk?

What is in Vietnamese asterisk?

course, everyone remembers the very box that stores this magical balm and its peculiar bright scent.In fact, nothing particularly mysterious about this balm is not, and it is not a remedy.Balsam "Golden Star" is just easier and removes some of the symptoms.

sprocket consists of Vaseline, in which some essential oils have been added, namely, clove, cinnamon, spearmint, eucalyptus.In essence, the impact caused irritation Asterisks sensitive receptors are located at sp

ecific points.It is through this relieves headaches, reduces itching and other symptoms of the disease.

How to Use an asterisk

If you have a cold, you can lubricate the Vietnamese balm nostrils from the outside, when you cough, you can spend a session warming massage his chest and throat on the basis of this balm.You can add and balm formulation for inhalation.

If you are bitten by a mosquito, in order to relieve the itching from the bite, you can lubricate the asterisk is the place.If you have a headache, to guide recommends balm to rub them the temples.

Can pregnant balm asterisk

But since we are interested in the period of pregnancy, let's try to figure out whether it is possible to apply the balm "Gold Star" expectant mothers.

As you know, the main active ingredients are essential oils of balm.Therefore, it should be understood that the individual components of this balm can cause allergic reactions, especially since pregnant women are often particularly sensitive to noxious fumes.Therefore, the use of asterisks pregnant women should observe some caution.

No special studies on the topic of how the sprocket influences the state of the female body during pregnancy, as well as on the body of the fetus is not carried out, so to say exactly what it might be the consequences, it is impossible.But since no toxic or harmful substances in the composition of this balsam not, it can be assumed that the damage it can cause.Of course, if you do not apply too thick balm, as it can cause burns.Nor can lubricate the mucous membranes of the asterisk.But this applies not only to pregnant women, but also to all the other people too.

Before you apply the balm, be sure to check whether you have an allergy to it.It must be done in the event that prior to pregnancy have anything like this was not observed.The fact that the body of a pregnant woman many processes begin to take place in a completely different way and your body's reaction to many substances may be quite different.Therefore, first of all, put a drop of Asterisk on a small patch of skin and wait a while.If no redness or itching appears, you can use an asterisk for its intended purpose.

And yet, before you use a balm, it is better to consult with the attending gynecologist, as there may be some circumstances in which it would be contraindicated for you.In general, during pregnancy should strictly adhere to this golden rule.