Can pregnant and a safer tanning

Not what a woman give up the opportunity to be a beautiful, even during pregnancy.But why - even?Who says pregnancy - it is ugly?Mom is always beautiful, but that perfection, as they say, there is no limit, and you always want something to correct in his appearance.Here, for example, self-tanning.It is known that pregnancy is not recommended too long exposure to the sun.But it is a harmless means of whether they can be used?It really do not want to look pale against the backdrop of shining southern tan girlfriends.But what effect on the fetus creams or other funds for tanning?To figure it out, you see, and what is, in fact, an additive to give the skin a beautiful golden hue, part of it ??

Can pregnant tanning - canthaxanthin

If your tan Canthaxanthin part, you need to know that this is a special ink additive that is found in many foods, in order to give them some color.Typically, Canthaxanthin produced in tablet form and sometimes added in the tanning agent.It should be understood that by using cre

am containing this additive, it penetrates through the upper layers of your skin and stains not only them, but also subcutaneous fat, which is located underneath.Can pregnant women use tanning which includes Canthaxanthin?Although some harmful effects of such a cream has not yet been found, use it during pregnancy, perhaps, not worth it.

Degidroksiatseton (DHA)

most often on store shelves can be seen creams and tanning agents, which are based Degidroksiatseton.This active ingredient reacts with the amino acids, which are the dead, cornified layers of the skin.As the pigmentation is not invoked, the tanning active is kept relatively short, not more than a week.As a rule, pregnant women are recommended to use the funds on the basis of just Degidroksiatsetona because it is believed that it is completely safe and does not penetrate into the body, and therefore, in no way affects the fruit itself.Although, of course, completely exclude the risk of yet, it is impossible, and this should be remembered.


This is another component of tanning, which operates in the same way as Degidroatseton.Erythrulose absolutely non-toxic and perfectly safe for pregnant women can use the funds at its basis.As soon as the update your skin surface layer, and erythrulose eliminated together with the old dead cells.


Often creams and tanning wipes contain another substance called tyrosine.This is a special component consisting of amino acids which stimulates the production of melanin the skin of natural sunlight.Typically, this component is part of the self-tanning creams in order to enhance their impact and to give tan natural shade, although this will still need to spend some time under the sun, however, is much smaller.Can pregnant tanning based Tiriozina?Since this tool is well absorbed by the skin, probably, expectant mothers should refrain from it.

In conclusion I would like to add a few more words.Using the tools for self-tanning, prefer creams, wipes, gels, and other means that are applied directly to the skin.But the use of sprays pregnant should be abandoned, since this form can get to eyes, mouth, airways and thus even the safest drug can get inside your body, which, of course, in your position, completely useless.