Can pregnant women take and other painkillers

even during pregnancy from time to time have to endure the pain.For example, the expectant mother may suffer from migraines or her tooth ache suddenly.Life is life and there's no getting around it.But if in a normal state, we did not hesitate to open the pack with pain pills and accept, for example, took, the expectant mother having some problems with this, since most drugs in pregnancy is simply forbidden to take.What to do?What painkillers can be administered to pregnant women?Can pregnant women take it?

How to deal with pain during pregnancy

Fortunately, medicine does not stand still, and every year there are more of painkillers that are allowed to receive and for pregnant women.However, in order to choose a drug that will suit you best.Remember that any self-medication during pregnancy is simply unacceptable and can lead to tragic consequences.You can jeopardize not only their own health, and even the outcome of your pregnancy.

most frequently as an analgesic prescribed Paracetamol pregnant.We

can say that it is in this sense that there is no competition.Paracetamol is not only removes the not too intense pain syndromes, it also has anti-inflammatory properties and helps fight fever.Despite the fact that paracetamol easily overcomes the placental barrier, no negative impact on the fetus from its sides were recorded.Therefore, it is Paracetamol is recommended by the World Health Organization experts as the safest means for relieving pain in pregnant women.

Can pregnant women take Analgin

But Analgin to combat pain in pregnant women is not assigned as an example less.The fact that this drug can not be considered safe and non-pregnant women only.Analgin is prohibited to use the WHO and its production has long ceased in many countries.The fact that the reception Analgin may adversely affect the blood, leading to various diseases.Pregnant same Analgin easily crosses the placenta to the fetus, and prolonged use of its uniquely negative impact on the development of the child in the womb.

Can pregnant

Took Took a drug kind of analgesics, which also has antispasmodic and impact.Took has a number of contraindications and side effects.It can disrupt the function of the kidneys, cause hives, lower blood pressure pouring lead to unmotivated rise in temperature.In the annotation to the drug clearly states that Bralo is strictly forbidden to receive during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester of her, as well as breast-feeding the baby, so the question whether it is possible for pregnant women to take He took as an analgesic, is not even being discussed.

What painkillers can be taken during pregnancy

one of the safest drugs that help fight even with severe pain, is Nurofen.This drug has no contraindications to receiving even during pregnancy, provided that you do not exceed the designated dosage.However, it should be borne in mind that Nurofen helps to reduce the volume of amniotic fluid, so in the last months of pregnancy from taking it should be abandoned.

If the pain caused by the spasms, then you can get rid of it using the familiar all shpy.This tool not only is not contraindicated for pregnant women, quite the contrary, many experts strongly recommend that pregnant women not to go out without a vial with a No-shpoy.The fact that it copes with the unexpectedly arisen tone of the uterus, and therefore does not allow for spontaneous abortion.