Can pregnant ascorbic acid and why it is needed

To people feel healthy, it is necessary to obtain the required amount of vitamins and minerals on a daily basis.At the same time the need for them may be different in different periods of human life.Pregnancy, this is the time when the need for vitamins in women is particularly high, and is particularly important that it is fully satisfied.

One of the most important components for expectant mothers is vitamin C or ascorbic acid.Pregnant women need to increase their number in the diet, because it is in our body during pregnancy significantly weakened under the twin burden that he has to bear.As you know, it is ascorbic acid strengthens the immune defense and helps it to survive in the struggle with a variety of bacteria and viruses, especially during seasonal bursts of colds and other illnesses.Let's find out whether pregnant Ascorbic acid?

Why do we need Ascorbic acid

Ascorbic acid is directly involved in many redox reactions in our bodies, but apart from that it also is a stimulant of the biosynth

esis of many important proteins.Since vitamin C is not possible without collagen - a protein which is responsible for strength and elasticity of the skin and wound healing.Therefore, treatment of burns, injuries, carrying out any operation is carried out with an enrichment of the patient's organism of ascorbic acid.

One sign of deficiency in the body of this vitamin is the frequent appearance of skin bruising and bleeding.The fact is that the lack of ascorbic acid leads to brittleness and fragility of blood vessels, which is why here and there and there is bleeding.

Can pregnant Ascorbic acid

Given all the above, we can make a logical conclusion, that during pregnancy Ascorbic acid is not only possible, but also necessarily need to be taken.The fact that now the skin and blood vessels of the future mother bear a special burden, because of what and there are stretch marks, as well as such an unpleasant disease, such as varicose veins.All this is due precisely to the lack of collagen synthesis in the body.

Ascorbic acid helps to strengthen the body's defenses, neutralize various toxins and remove them from the body to fight infections and to resist viruses.Vitamin C is able to cope even with such a serious poisons like lead, arsenic and its compounds, cyanide.

Ascorbic acid greatly facilitates the assimilation of such an important element as iron, which is what it so often lacking in the body of pregnant women.The fact that iron must not only active parent organism, but also inside the body of the growing child.Lack of iron can lead to anemia and, in severe cases, and abortion.That is why the appointment of iron-containing products is mandatory in the treatment of anemia is appointed and an additional intake of vitamin C

Ascorbic acid gives vitamin D particularly active.If the vitamin C in the body of the future mother is not enough, even if she spends enough time in the sun, vitamin D production in the body it will still be insufficient, and it means that the newborn baby may show rickets in one form or another.

And, of course, particularly important for pregnant women is that ascorbic acid is a natural natural antioxidant that helps in the very early stages of the fight against pathogenic bacteria, which still managed to sneak into the blood of the future mother.Therefore, if you want to make a healthy baby, be sure to provide your body with this important vitamin in sufficient amounts.