What fruits can be eaten pregnant and why they are important

Of course, it is no secret that fruits are the main source of vitamins in our diet.But that's not all.Fruit - it is the main supplier of fiber in our body, which makes them invaluable to our health.After all, the fiber helps to normalize the work of our intestine and the entire digestive system.Therefore, pregnant women should eat as fruits that are for pregnant women special significance.For pregnant women in particular often suffer from constipation, and fiber, which directly stimulates the intestinal peristalsis, is doubly important for them.Therefore it is necessary to know which fruits can be eaten pregnant?

How much fruit you need to eat daily to pregnant

Expectant mothers must be significantly more fruits and vegetables than the ordinary people.Experts recommend a daily consume at least two cups of chopped fruit and at least two plates of various vegetables.Fruits can be both fresh and frozen or canned.Well also do not forget about dried fruits, which is a huge number of various trace element

s, as required in the position of the future mother.

Vegetables also can be used in fresh and in processed form.They can be boiled, baked or stewed.Pregnant extremely helpful to eat fresh lettuce and any of its varieties, bean, in all their variants.

valuable asset during pregnancy would be a juicer, which will prepare the fruit and vegetable juice just before their use.Nevertheless, we should not forget that although the fresh juices are very useful for pregnant women, they do not contain fiber, and therefore they can be considered only as a supplement to the main menu.

What fruits can be eaten pregnant

absolutely any, with virtually no restrictions.The only rule here may be that in order to avoid symptoms of allergic reactions, it is advisable not to give preference to any one fruit, but there is a little different.Very good if you are introducing into your diet fresh fruits and vegetables, will record exactly when you started doing this.In this case, if the allergy is still manifest, you can compute the cause quickly.

most commonly cause allergic fruits and vegetables a bright orange or red, for example, peaches, apples and citrus fruits.But if you are very fond of peaches, you can not abandon them, but simply to try to remove them from the upper skin.Thereby the risk of allergic reaction is reduced considerably.

Some fruits can cause allergies because they are too exotic for our band and in your stomach just lacking the enzymes needed for their digestion.Nothing, our apples and currants, especially black, the content of vitamins and minerals are not inferior to exotic oranges and kiwi.

Heed to the choice of fruit for the future mother

It is important that you know how to choose the right products on the market or in the shop.For pregnant women can eat only those fruits that fully meet all the necessary requirements in terms of quality.If in the normal state a woman can eat apricot tarnished or tomato with a certain amount of nitrate without much harm to ourselves, because her kidneys will cope with this problem, then the future baby cleansing the body system simply does not exist or is not formed until the end.Meanwhile, every spoiled piece that gets into your body, immediately through the blood to the body and the fetus.This is particularly dangerous in the early months of pregnancy, when absent, and the placental barrier.