Can pregnant divorce and whether it is necessary to do so

Perhaps in the old days, families were indeed stronger, as claimed by our grandparents.Unfortunately, in our time, family breakdown, even during the child's expectations are no longer a rarity.However, solid family does not mean happy.Can a pregnant woman to get a divorce officially?In order to properly answer this question you need to open the Family Code of the Russian Federation and to check that says about this legislation.

Can pregnant divorce - who protects the law

Indeed, Art.17 of the Family Code of the Russian Federation imposes certain restrictions on divorce during his wife's pregnancy.However, these restrictions sway only in cases where the initiator of the divorce is a man.If you look at it, you will see that according to the Law, a man can not live without his wife's consent, not only divorce her during pregnancy, and even file for divorce.Moreover, these restrictions apply to the period until the future of the baby turns one year old is not.

But we also wondered whether it is possibl

e to divorce a pregnant woman, and not her husband.But there are no obstacles exist.And if a pregnant wants a divorce officially, it may in full its right to initiate it.

If a pregnant woman is divorcing her husband, who is considered the father of the unborn child?

Open the article 48 of the same Family Code and read.It turns out that if there is no irrefutable proof to the contrary, the father of a child who is born within 10 months after the divorce accomplished, uniquely written ex-husband of the woman.And there's nothing you can do about it, even if someone does it seem very unfair.If you want to father your child to another person has been recognized that it is quite possible and is its true father, you have to try very hard to collect all the necessary evidence.For example, to submit to the court concluded the appropriate genetic examination.Otherwise, the other person will need then to adopt a child.

However, on the other hand, if your ex-husband will abandon his paternity, he, too, will need to make some effort to prove conclusively that the true father of the child is not it.

divorce or not to divorce

Can pregnant divorce?Can.But - is it necessary?Before taking such decisions, you need to carefully weigh the "pros and" cons "of such a decision.Of course, life's circumstances are different, and in some cases should not be the silent victim.However, we must understand that during pregnancy for women is fraught with excessive emotional instability, and often at this time a woman can make decisions about which subsequently can seriously regret.Therefore, it is not necessary to cut straight from the shoulder, and, if possible better to postpone a fundamental solution to the issue at a later period.When you are absolutely sure that you can act in a balanced way, without being at the peak of emotion.There have been cases when women later admitted that during pregnancy they decided to divorce is not less than ten times, and they with great difficulty managed to stay on the edge.However, later their relationship with her husband were extremely strong and gentle.Unfortunately, living together is not always lined with rose petals, it is more than the rough than it would like.It is important to learn how to smooth them.Of course, if we are not talking about such fundamental issues as alcohol abuse, drug use, or adultery, which is simply impossible.