Can pregnant pineapple and why

pregnant woman often very surprised by the few changes that may occur in its tastes and desires.Well, for example, what to do if all of a sudden irresistible desire to pineapple to which yesterday she was completely indifferent?Its juicy flesh and a delectable taste and beckons its freshness and it seems that it is able to eat it pounds, without stopping for a minute.But whether pregnant pineapples?Will not it harmful to her health, and therefore the health of the future baby?

How useful pineapples

This thorny exotic fruit contains significant amounts of vitamins and minerals.The pineapple, you can find vitamins A, C, D, many vitamins group, vitamin PP, potassium, sodium, iodine, copper, iron, zinc, phosphorus, bromelain, carotene and many other useful substances during pregnancy.But there is one caveat - all those nutrients found only in fresh pineapple fruit in canned form most useful properties of this fruit is losing, though, of course, the taste and smell of the color he is saved.

Bromelain, which is found in fresh pineapple helps pregnant women to maintain a good mood and tone of life and helps to improve the digestive process, eliminates the cork out of the veins and makes the blood vessels more elastic, maintains the skin's youth and her beauty.But that's not all.It turns out that bromelain in the intestine helps to suppress pathogenic bacteria and promotes beneficial flora.

If pregnant formed on the legs varicose veins, then using pineapple can greatly facilitate their state.Good help and pineapple at a toxicosis, it helps quickly break down food in the stomach, reduces weight, eliminates heartburn, prevents flatulence, cleanses the blood vessels of cholesterol and fatty plaques.Fresh pineapple fruit or its juice helps to lower blood pressure and makes the blood more fluid.Pineapple helps strengthen the immune system, helps fight with hypovitaminosis, displays the body of excess fluid and thus prevents the occurrence of edema.

Can pregnant pineapples

Despite the obvious benefits of this exotic fruit for pregnant women, is necessary to observe a certain caution in its use of expectant mothers.And the thing is precisely in its exotic Russian northern latitudes.The fact that not all women are present in the body are necessary for its digestion enzymes, which means that pineapple can cause allergies, and not only at the very pregnant, and yet her unborn child.Pineapple significantly increases the amount of acid in the stomach, and therefore it is impossible to use for women who suffer from ulcerative gastritis or digestive tract diseases.

not only in pregnant women, but the average person pineapple, or rather its excessive use can cause burns of the oral mucosa, digestive disorders.Pineapple can erode tooth enamel and lead to their deterioration.

In addition, it is believed that the excess in the body of a pregnant such useful substances such as bromelain may cause the uterus to the tone, and, therefore, pose a threat to abortion.That is why some doctors generally recommend that pregnant exclude this, of course, healthy fruit from your diet.

In general, we can say that pineapple is undesirable to use during the first trimester of pregnancy, and in the future, if you want, you can include it in your diet, but without excessive fanaticism.And, of course, if you have not found out allergic reactions.