What exercises can I do to pregnant women to strengthen the muscles and ligaments

Sedentary lifestyle is not the best way affects the health and pregnancy is no exception in this sense.Moreover, research shows that exercise during pregnancy helps the body of the future mother of his mice and ligaments to prepare for the upcoming process of giving birth to the serious tests that await them.This helps to greatly facilitate the process of labor and himself, and to prevent the development of many complications in the postpartum period.

Therefore, doctors usually recommend future mums to include in your daily routine exercises a special exercise.But what stands for the term - special exercises?What exercises can make pregnant without fear that it could somehow damage the future baby?

Fitness for pregnant

If your pregnancy is proceeding normally and without any complications, the doctor in the antenatal clinic, most likely, it is highly recommend you to undergo a special fitness for pregnant women.Surely you are not just seen in Western movies, as future mothers actively attend these

classes, and probably more than once laughed at those fun exercises that are performed there.

And - absolutely nothing.Such complexes exercises designed so as to make a special emphasis on the development and strengthening of the muscles, which account for a particular load during pregnancy, as well as on those nodes and muscles that are involved in the process of delivery.They are particularly necessary for those women who, for example, due to the specifics of their profession, have to move a little.

If you are unable to attend a special group for this lesson in fitness, you can perform these exercises on their own, at home.Only in this case, you will need regular consultation with a specialist, conducting classes for pregnant women.

What exercises can make pregnant

puts his feet shoulder-width apart.Hand pick up.Slightly squat, making breath and dropping his hands, then back to the starting position as you exhale.Repeat three times.

legs as well placed shoulder-width apart, arms retract and throw in a castle.Tilts her head back and forth at first, and then - from side to side.Every movement repeated at least 6 times.

Legs remain in place, perform rotation shoulders back - slightly raises in turn each arm and tap it back, then returning to the original position.At the same time carry out poluprisedaniya.Repeat 5 times.

Legs set shoulder-width apart, feet parallel, toes pointing forward.Arms bent at the elbows.Squat, simultaneously lift your hands through the sides up.Repeat at least 8 times.This exercise is well strengthens shoulder muscles, as well as the hips and buttocks.

Put feet together.If you are afraid to lose your balance, you can stick a hand to the wall or placed near a chair.We do each foot in turn attacks back with his free hand, or both hands together, pulling in front of him.Repeated at least 8 times.

becomes the face of the wall, feet shoulder width apart, palms put on the wall.We begin to perform pushups on the wall.Repeated at least 6 times.This exercise helps to strengthen the pectoral muscles perfectly.

Lie on the floor, lower back flat on the floor, put his hands along the body, put the soles of his feet on the floor and bend the knees.Tighten on the legs turn to his stomach, trying to touch the abdomen with his knee.Repeat 6 times with each leg.

Lying on the floor, on your back, pull your legs up, trying to touch the tips of the fingers to the tips of socks, while spreading his legs to the side.This exercise helps strengthen pregnant stretch.It can be done 6-8 times.Watch for breathing.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, hands on his belt.We begin rotating the pelvis first 6 times in one direction and then - 6 times the other.Relaxing.