Can pregnant baptize the child and other signs

Pregnancy is a wonderful period in the life of any woman.And he would have been quite calm and serene, if not future mother overcame constant anxiety over whether, and if all is correct and it does not hurt if by chance something your future baby.Perhaps this is why, associated with pregnancy as all sorts of omens and superstitions, such as whether pregnant photographed, cut their hair, to baptize the child and do go to church, hang clothes, to knit, to stroke a cat and hundreds of other variety will and all kinds of prohibitions.

Of course, you can decide that just do not pay attention to all this.However, not all so simple.Let's talk about what signs you should pay attention to, and which ones you can skip past the ears.In addition, we discuss whether it is possible to baptize the child pregnant?

not eat anything red

Indeed, this sign has a right to exist.The fact is that contained in fruits and vegetables red special pigment can cause allergy like most expectant mother and the baby, who only has

to see the light.And indeed during pregnancy is better to give preference to those fruits that grow on the area where you live.The fact that they are most familiar to your stomach.

can not prepare for the baby's trousseau advance

But this is pure superstition, and it is based on the ancient belief that the empty clothing that is designed for the baby, which is not yet, may settle the evil spirits that will not let himtake advantage of it.Therefore, you can safely neglect such statements and quietly go shopping, by choosing the most beautiful clothes and other little things for their future remains.

Can you baptize the child of a pregnant

not known where did doubt in the fact that a pregnant woman can go to church, or to baptize the child.Perhaps the thing that is generally associated with pregnancy are many different superstitions, let alone when it comes to actually two children, these superstitions begin to increase exponentially.However, even here there is a kind of a rational grain.

no obstacles from the church to a pregnant woman became the godmother.No prohibitions or religious taboos in this regard does not exist.Moreover, the priests themselves say that following a similar superstition in itself is a sin.

But the Church also warns, and that the assumption of the role of godmother is a great responsibility before God - because you take the voluntary duty in every way to take care of his godson, and make no distinction between him and his own child.And will you have time for a proper performance of their duties, while you have to pay almost all their strength to to safely carry and give birth to their own child?

In addition, there is one more thing.The fact that a pregnant woman may be physically is not the strength to withstand all completely baptism.And to baptize a child - it's not just silently present at the ceremony.Godmother mother should take the baby in his arms, to submit it to the priest, to take it back after the font.So, it is possible that a pregnant really should not expose themselves to this test.

As you can see, not all the signs that are associated with pregnancy are quite so silly and impractical.So, next time you hear that pregnant something you can not do, try to reflect on, and why it should not do it and is it really so important to you at this moment.