Can I be pregnant on the cross : the views of clerics

Since pregnancy is usually associated large number of various omens and superstitions.Some of them, probably, and are without any serious justification, while others are totally groundless.Well, for example, a question of whether a pregnant woman to be the godmother?It would seem, what is the connection between these two events?However, for some reason, there is a strong belief that it is impossible.But what, really?Maybe we should ask the representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church?

Can I be pregnant on the cross - what he thinks about this church

According to the charter of the Russian Orthodox Church, there are no obstacles to ensure that a pregnant woman was godmother.Most importantly, she felt strong enough and love to give the same love and her child and the baby, whom she perceives as his godson.Ask yourself whether you will have enough time to take care of him, to give his parents the necessary advice and assistance on education, pray for his godson, and he become a true friend.

Properly weigh everything before to take on such a responsibility and if you are fully confident in their own abilities, and only then take on this responsibility and liability.In this case, you can not do anything to prevent, if not better, as they say, to measure seven times.

Where and when the matter is a belief that pregnancy can not be cross

The accuracy of this is not known.Meanwhile, in the handbook cleric Archpriest Sergius Bulgakov refers to the Guidelines for rural clergy, published back in 1888, which tells of the existence in some villages in Russia, local custom, according to which pregnant women did not take the baby in her arms themselves, and did not accept it from the priest afterbaptismal font, and remained standing on the sidelines, while for them all these things Receptacle.Bulgakov noted that this practice is likely to be based on some local superstition or beliefs.Since the Russian Orthodox Church is extremely negative attitude towards any manifestations of superstition, in the opinion of the author, himself a custom must be eradicated by the Orthodox Church.

However, it is possible that the whole thing is that a particular case was raised in the custom in human belief, as happened repeatedly.Assume that some pregnant women, due to the late period of her pregnancy could not cope with their responsibilities at baptism.She just physically it was hard to take the child in his arms, because the kids at the moment of baptism can weigh already quite decent.

Perhaps this is why the priest who performed the ritual and asked some of the women present to replace the godmother at the baptismal font.Human same rumor gave the occasion a kind of special importance, which it originally had.

As you can see, the question of whether you can be pregnant on the cross, Orthodox Church responds unequivocally in the affirmative.

Pregnant and church

must say that pregnant women in the Orthodox Church in general a very special relationship, we can say, even reverent.The Church believes that pregnancy is a blessing of God that makes a woman almost sacred, in any case, as long as it is not resolved from the burden.Therefore, as unfounded belief that a pregnant woman can not attend church.Quite the contrary, in every temple there is a special icon designed specifically for that pregnant woman praying about them.It is believed that if her prayers will certainly be answered.So, if you are asked to be godmother, and you feel strong enough to carry out this duty, can not even doubt any obstacles to this, there is not pregnant.