Can pregnant Analgin for toothache

taking any medication during pregnancy should be acquitted quite weighty reasons.And why this is so, probably, does not need any explanation.But, unfortunately, it is not always possible for all 40 weeks of pregnancy to do without having to take at least one tabletochku.Here, for example, Analgin for headaches or - from the tooth of the patient.Is it possible to analginum pregnant?

What is the impact on the human body Analgin

Analgin refers to a group of non-narcotic drugs, which are called - analgesics.In essence, this is the main drug in this group, that's why it bears his name.It helps to eliminate pain, remove heat and reduce inflammation, though recently its effect is not too strong, so is rarely used.The speed of its impact due to the fact that Analgin is a water-soluble drug, but not always it eliminates the pain to end.

As you can see, the main effect of dipyrone is symptomatic.In other words, he does not treat the cause of disease, not eliminate it, but only relieves the symptoms - pain an

d a rise in temperature.So whether it can be taken by pregnant?

Analgin - a dangerous drug

First of all we must understand that removing the pain, we do not stop the negative processes that occur in the body, not eliminate them, as well as do not eliminate the causes.Of course, if you have a tooth ache in the middle of the night and do not have to get to the doctor right now no possibility, then, it is likely to take a pill analgin still possible to doterpet until morning.But when the morning comes, you must go to the dentist in order to carry out the necessary treatment.Oh, and before you take Analgin, be sure to read the instructions to him.

If you think that Analgin no contraindications, then you are wrong, and pregnant women especially need to take them into account.First, the drug should not be taken with any blood diseases, dysfunction or other problems with the kidneys, as well as liver diseases.In Analgin there are a number of other prohibitions, which are listed in detail in the annotation to the drug.For example, it is strictly forbidden to give to young children who have not yet turned six months.

Analgin may cause many side effects, including allergic, to the point that after his admission may develop anaphylactic shock.Especially be careful to pregnant women, who, as is known, reduced the body's natural immunity.And even if you previously perceived drug quietly, thanks to the rearrangements that occur in all systems of the expectant mother, in particular, and in hormone, you may develop idiosyncrasy to dipyrone.

So whether pregnant Analgin?

During pregnancy, the risks to which you are exposed when taking a particular drug increases several times.It is believed that taking Analgin during pregnancy - especially during the first trimester, it can negatively affect the formation of such an important organ in the fetus, as the cardiovascular system.If we add to this the fact that even a single dose of the drug is enough that a woman may develop renal failure, it becomes clear that all exposed to the same risks and the growing baby inside her.

If we consider that production Analgin generally long discontinued in many countries because of its side effects, it is obvious that pregnant women taking this drug is not recommended.