When can I find out that she was pregnant , and what is the reason

understand, she is pregnant or not, at least once, and tried every woman, regardless of whether she wanted this pregnancy or not.

Of course, this event would like to know as soon as possible, and so from the very first days after unprotected intimacy woman starts to scrutinize your body, listen to it, in the hope or fear to detect early signs of pregnancy.

And really - when you can find out that she is pregnant?

What pregnancy and when it comes

In order to understand when you can begin to determine pregnancy, should understand how and when it will actually occur.If you think that on the day of sexual intercourse then you are wrong.Firstly, the very conception can occur within a few days after unprotected intimacy.It is necessary for fertilization, in the fallopian tube to present a mature egg, and it is not always there is present at the time of sexual intercourse.Sperm may also be waiting for her on the spot within 72 hours.

In addition, the very conception still does not mean pregnancy and does

not guarantee its occurrence.The fact is that in order to pregnancy still occurred, the fertilized egg must be done the hard way through the fallopian tube into the uterus, and to gain a foothold there in the endometrium.And not always this way end so successfully.Sometimes the zygote, how to call a fertilized egg, as a result of hormonal failure just completely absorbed, sometimes it is getting to the uterus, can not for some reason, implanted in the endometrium, for example, due to the presence of tumors or adhesions in the uterine cavity.And sometimes, in a particularly unpleasant cases, pregnancy occurs while, but it turns out to be ectopic.However, in the latter case, it is in their characteristics can practically do not differ from the usual normal pregnancy.

But let's not be sad about, but rather talk about when normal pregnancy occurs.

Thus, as mentioned above, the beginning of pregnancy is the moment of implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterine wall, and this occurs at day 7 or 8 after conception.But with this event and the body begins to develop a special pregnancy hormone - HCG.

When can I find out that she was pregnant