Coping with emotions : a sedative may be pregnant

Emotional instability pregnant women are likely to have long been proverbial.Indeed, the expectant mother and the raging hormones, to deal with which there is no possibility.The situation is further complicated by the fact that pregnant women are contraindicated in nearly all drugs, including sedatives.And if in a normal state, a woman can instill a pair of dozens of drops of valerian tincture or korvalola, during pregnancy it's just categorically excluded.

At the same time, the constant nervous excitement not pregnant can have a positive impact on the condition of the fetus, which is sensitive to all the emotions experienced by his mother.What is the way out of this situation and what can be a sedative for pregnant women?

Should I resort to soothing

Although the whole pregnancy in general - is very responsible and important process, her first trimester - a special time, when all the bodies are laid and the future child of the system.During this period, doctors do not recommend the resort to the he

lp of some drugs.And if you feel that your nerves finally came to the disorder, try to bring them into compliance with the normal mode of the day, and especially - long walks in the fresh air.At the same time you will be able to enrich your body and the body of your unborn baby with oxygen, which both are now particularly important to you.After the walk, you can warm up, brew herbal tea based on mint, chamomile, lemon balm, lime blossom and hawthorn.Naturopaths say relaxing high, and hence the soothing effect of these teas.

Incidentally, nervousness pregnant often associated with the processes which occur in her body, for example, with the usual vitamin deficiency.Therefore, there is enough to buy a completely safe in a pharmacy and even a necessary vitamin and mineral complex for pregnant women to ensure that your condition has improved significantly, without receiving special sedatives.

Sometimes calm down and relax, you can, using this wonderful tool, as aromatherapy.Try to do these essential oils like sandalwood, peppermint, pine scents.All oils can easily be purchased at your local pharmacy or specialized stores selling medications for aromatherapy.They are safe for pregnant women, but you will need to choose a oil that is right for you.

What can be a sedative for pregnant