Painkillers in pregnancy

Anyone, at times, forced to take painkillers.That is, against headache, then - against tooth, and that against muscle pain or any other.The main problem is, of course, does not solve, but at least allows you to somehow wait time before seeking medical attention.Painkillers in pregnancy also have to make, because expectant mothers are precisely the same people, like everyone else.So be sure to know which drugs can be taken at this time, but from what is better to abstain.


When people talk about an anesthetic primarily involve large group of analgesics.These are preparations, which are NSAIDs, reducing the intensity of pain and fever, and inflammation are available, what you need to say, few know.

authorized for use during pregnancy painkillers also contain these drugs.First of all, it is completely permissible for use during pregnancy Paracetamol.For some reason, many believe that Paracetamol - is only a means to lower the temperature, meanwhile, it is a very good analgesic drug.The only

drawback is that with intense pain Paracetamol can not cope.

Analgesics in pregnancy should be used with some caution.So popular in analginum people, long-term use during pregnancy can adversely affect the state of hemostasis, because large quantities interferes with the development of some important blood components.Therefore, a single dose of dipyrone is perfectly valid, but after the pain subsides, you need to get to the doctor and to solve the problem more dramatically.

One of the most powerful analgesics - Nurofen.His admission is valid only in the first and second trimester, but in the third you need other painkillers.

Spazmolitiki pregnancy

Strictly speaking, antispasmodic drugs for pain relief do not apply.Their action is based on the fact that they remove the tension of muscles and smooth muscles, and thereby removing pain syndromes.Thus, for example, spasmolytics have vasodilator, cerebral blood flow thereby enhanced, and the headache subsides.Of course in the event that it was caused by spasms of the vessels.Since many of the painkillers in pregnancy is prohibited or not recommended, antispasmodics, including No-spa, papaverine and Riabal who have no contraindications such, you can be very, very helpful.